Pedophile Game Show Host: It’s Odd That Nobody Found This Disturbing Back...

Pedophile Game Show Host: It’s Odd That Nobody Found This Disturbing Back Then!


What would your reaction be if you’ve send your child to an entertaining game show and you watched the host making inappropriate requests to them?

What would you do if the host of the show is kissing and hugging your child?

Do you find that normal human behavior or a blatant act of pedophilia?

If it was my child, and the host of the show was kissing my child, in some cases against their will, or tricks them into that by promising them things, (as you can see in the video below), I’d send that man in prison or I don’t want to say hospital.  

But that’s how angry I’ve got while watching this video. I was so pissed at those people who obviously didn’t do anything about it, because this man never saw even an inside of a court room, let alone prison.

The Canadian, Fergie Oliver is the man in question.

He and his wife Catherine Swing, were co-hosts of a 1980’s children game show “Just Like Mum”.

Watch the video below and see what I’m talking about. But bear in mind, it’s happening exactly how I’ve explained. 

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