35 Breathtaking Pictures Of Maine Coons, The Largest Cats In The World

35 Breathtaking Pictures Of Maine Coons, The Largest Cats In The World


If you’re a cat lover, you must know what a Maine Coon is, right? One of the most beautiful cats in the world.

Cats are majestic creatures, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Even though their reputation might be tainted and there are people out there that claim that cats are basically “bitches”, don’t believe it. Cats are great. They calm you down, they play with you, they enrich your life in ways you never knew a pet could.

The Maine Coon is a domesticated breed of cat, one of the largest to be more precise, and one of the oldest natural breeds in North America, originating in … you guessed it – Maine.

Maine Coons are good-natured and beautiful creatures who are very kid friendly and easy to groom, even though they have an amazing long coat.

These cats are very affectionate with all the family members and other pets, but they don’t like strangers and do shed a lot of hair. Well, you can’t escape the shedding part with any pet, right?

Maine Coons are capable of adapting to any form of lifestyle and a whole myriad of personalities. Also, they are excellent hunters, so home pests beware!

They love playing, even after they’ve reached adulthood, and can be quite silly and fun to have around.

Maine Coons have a very smooth, almost silky and shaggy coat and are just a sight for sore eyes. 

If you’ve been chosen to be their human, you can be sure that a lifetime of fun and love is ahead.

Robert Sijka, a world-renowned photographer, managed to eternalize the beauty of the Maine Coon with his photographs. Inspired by two black Maine Coons, named Dolce Vita and De la Loo, he made these amazing portraits of one of the most beautiful cats in existence. Take a look and enjoy!


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