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7 Ways To Come Down If You Are Too High!

If you’re too high, then we have 7 ways to come down if you are too high!

It doesn’t matter how much experience or inexperience you have with cannabis, there is always that one time that you have a little bit too much and find yourself too high. If you find that you’re too high, it’s probably because you’ve had too much THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Once you have too much THC in your system it can turn a pleasant high into an unpleasant experience.

It’s pretty important to state here that there is very little chance from anyone ever died from smoking too much cannabis flowers. The only even slightly possible way to get too high and then die would be if you sat down and tried to smoke over 750 joints. Let’s face it, there is none of us around that’s going to try and blow that record away!

The first step in dealing with becoming too high is to just sit back and relax. Take a few minutes to think about the situation you have found yourself in, understand that there is very little chance that you’re going to die, and then work through some possible ways to handle the situation. Whatever you’re feeling, it’s important not to panic and realize that you’ll soon be feeling better.

If you can’t wait out the high, then here are the 7 Ways To Come Down If You Are Too High!

  1. Try Some CBD – Believe it or not, CBD (cannabidiol) another cannabinoid found in cannabis actually lessens the effects of THC. You could try some CBD oil or try vaping a strain of cannabis which is high in CBD but has little or no THC.
  2. Get Some HydrationHydrating your body is a great way to help flush the cannabis from your system, flushing your kidneys with water and detoxifying your system. Don’t go crazy and drink liters of water as this could flush important electrolytes and salts from your body leaving you dehydrated.
  3. Exercise It Out of Your System – Don’t drive down to the gym and operate heavy weights or lifting equipment, but there are other exercises you can do. Simply by getting a good sweat up going for a walk in the fresh air, you’ll be helping your body to process the cannabis in your system faster.
  4. Chew Some Black Pepper – It may seem a bit silly but chewing some black pepper has been used for generations to decrease anxiety and paranoia. Try a few small peppercorns and see if it helps.
  5. Try A Bath or Long Shower – There is just something relaxing about letting some hot water soak away your worries. Try a nice hot bath or take an extra-long shower.
  6. Focus on Something – Try taking your mind off the high and focus on something distracting instead. Try playing a game on your phone, watching Netflix, or a movie to distract yourself.
  7. Sleep – If everything else fails, try getting some sleep! It’s not always easy to fall asleep when you’re too high, but once you do you’ll soon sleep off the effects.