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A Trip To The Beach Changes Your Mind For The Better, Science Says

If you’re still thinking whether you should spend your summer holiday in some place near the beach or on a mountain, I strongly advise you to choose the former. Science says that a trip to the beach changes your mind for the better.

Rivers, lakes, seas, or oceans – each body of water makes us feel rested, calm, and recharged. At the end of the day, who doesn’t enjoy going for a nice swim in the sea or just lay on the sand and soak up the sun all day long?

Well, science proves that the beach does not only provide us with pleasure but it also changes our minds for the better in 4 ways.

Here they are:                                               

1. It lowers depression.

The smell, sound, and sights of the water put your mind in a meditative state. One study shows that blue space reduces depression and moreover, it promotes mental well – being.

2. It bolsters your creativity.

This is certainly not a secret. We all know how many writers and artists have spent a lot of time on the beach searching for inspiration. Water makes you feel relaxed and this state enables you to think in creative ways and find solutions more easily.

3. It reduces your stress levels.

The positive ions which are daily emitted from our household appliances make us feel cranky, tired, and full of negative energy.

On the other hand, the water is full of negative ions which counteract the negative effect of the positive ones we’re exposed to every day. That’s why when you’re at the beach, you don’t feel any stress.

4. It offers you a new perspective of the world.

After all things are considered, what’s more powerful and beautiful than nature. And water certainly occupies a great part of it. Being close to the sea, or any other body of water, soothes you. It makes you forget about your worries, even if that’s for only 5 minutes, but it’s still worth it.


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