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New Study Reveals Bald Men Are Smarter, Stronger And Sexier


Men, it’s official: instead of scrabbling for hair growth products, take that razor and shave off what’s left for a more dominant look – bald. While this may sound counterintuitive, a new study proves a different perception on this appearance.

Conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, this study has found that men with shaved heads were perceived as more dominant and more socially mature. It is, as the study claims, a revelation which could encourage men with male-pattern baldness to switch from hair-growth products to the Bic.

In three experiments, the participants in the study were given photos of men to rate on characteristics such as attractiveness, masculinity, dominance, and confidence. The results showed that bald men were perceived as more dominant, as well as taller and stronger.

However, baldness didn’t correlate to good looks. In two out of three experiments, the participants rated bald men as being considerably less attractive than those with hair. However, this isn’t a huge step back for bald men, as they gained an advantage in terms of social maturity and strength.

The study explains these perceptions to be a result of signaling and stereotypes. They explain that men who choose to get rid of the hair signal “information about the self otherwise difficult to observe.

Based on the results, the authors made some practical determinations for this kind of lifestyle. For example, they noted that bald men would excel in negotiations, as people are more likely to back down to more dominant figures.

So, instead of desperately trying to find a way to reverse the balding process, the authors recommend that you better improve your well-being “by finishing what Mother nature has started.”

Source: USA Today