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Cannabis Can Stop Your Brain From Aging, Study Finds 

Researchers at the Bonn and Hebrew University found that regular doses of THC that can be accessed in marijuana can protect the brain from getting older and “slowing down.” 

There is a popular belief that marijuana makes you dumber. That it kills your brain neurons and it makes you forgetful, and slow.

However, according to a recent finding, this is not true. In fact, daily doses of marijuana can be even beneficial for your brain.

According to a study held at the Bonn and Hebrew University, researchers have found that taking small regular doses of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) can make your brain sharper and it can slow down its aging process.

And because THC is one of the primary ingredients of cannabis, taking regular doses of it can protect the brain from aging.

The study was based on tests that were performed on young and old mice and published in Nature Medicine journal. The researchers discovered that while younger mice had difficulties in performance when they were under a THC influence; the older mice’s performance was actually higher under the THC.

The study lasted one month, and it included mice that were 2 months, 1 year, and 18 months old, to test their brain’s chemical reaction under the influence of THC. They were tested on their ability to pilot a water maze into different configurations, and their ability to recognize familiar objects.

The results from the study proved what was true of humans before – that the younger mice were performing better when they weren’t under the influence of THC, and their performance levels had decreased rapidly under the influence.

For the older mice, however, the results were opposite. The ‘old’ mice struggled before they were given THC, because of their brain’s decreased activity as a result of their age. When they were under the influence of THC, on the other hand, their performance levels boosted and even surpassed the performance of the younger ones.

So, while reckless use of marijuana is not recommended in any case, proper amounts can contribute to an improved overall state of the brain.

However, before taking THC, we strongly recommend that you talk to your physician and see if the use will be beneficial for you as well.


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