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These Revolutionary Cannabis Patches Can Treat Fibromyalgia and Diabetic Nerve Pain

Ever since cannabis got a legal permission to be used for medicinal purposes, new discoveries in its healing properties emerge from every corner. It has been established that cannabis contains some very potent cannabinoids that treat a wide range of conditions.

Using these cannabinoids, Cannabis Science has developed transdermal patches which, as the company states, can “promote healing to an injured area of the body.”

While the cannabis patches have been designed to cover a wide range of conditions, the most notable application is their ability to relieve neuropathic pain caused by fibromyalgia and diabetes.

The patches utilize the presence of CBD, which binds to the millions of cannabinoid receptors present in our bodies. Its potent anti-inflammatory and soothing effects help fight different kinds of general and nerve-related pain while working on maintaining the body’s homeostasis.

Which is more, studies have shown that cannabis has some very strong neuroprotective effects. This means that the cannabinoids present in cannabis serve to support and protect the health of the brain, and spinal cord, as well as the billions of nerves spread throughout the body.

These patches contain a high amount of CBD which enters the body through a controlled release. This gives the patches the advantage over other types of medication delivery, and it’s much easier to use.

The CBD from the patches slowly enters the bloodstream and travels to the central nervous system, which in turn responds by reducing the neuropathic pain. The plus is that not only does the pain subside, but the cannabinoids leave their long-term trace on the nervous system by strengthening the nerves.

The absence of THC means that the cannabis patches will not cause the psychoactive effect that THC creates. Instead, the effect will be a general state of relaxation and calmness, with a feeling of balance and natural focus.

The patches come in two variants: a porous membrane that contains a reservoir of CBD medication that releases the cannabinoid in controlled amounts; and a thin layer of CBD medication that melts on the skin from the body heat.

While these patches serve as a potent means of alleviating neuropathic pain caused by fibromyalgia and diabetes, their use is not limited to these conditions only. In fact, cannabinoids from the Marijuana plant (notably CBD) have the ability to attach to the millions of cannabinoid receptors in our bodies and can positively affect any inflammation-related issues.

That is one patch that offers an overall upgrade for a better living quality.

Source: Cannabis Science

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