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The Dirtiest Thing You’re Willing To Do In Bed, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Everyone has secret wishes when it comes to sex. But don’t think these secrets are absolutely safe with you. Believe it or not, your zodiac sign can actually reveal the dirtiest things you’re willing to do in bed. Next time you start dating someone, it might be useful to ask them about their sign.

Some of these ideas and desires might seem sick, dirty or even disgusting to you, but there is no place for judgment here.

We are all humans and we all have our needs. In this article, we are going to talk about sex and the word “dirty” has a totally different meaning here.


Aries have very intense needs in bed, which are even more intense in female Aries. For instance, don’t be surprised if they want to plug your balls with electrical wires and turn them on. Aries also enjoy climbing on their partner’s back and giving them a good ride.


Taurus people are known for being fond of dirty sex. They enjoy the natural odors coming from their partner. For some, this might seem disgusting but Taurus people find it appealing. They even go extreme in getting dirty during sex. Some of them express coprophilia, which is the attraction to filth. Golden showers are not excluded, too.


Gemini are not that dirty, but they know how to enjoy in bed. They are very good at multitasking, therefore they have the ability to take notes and enjoy during the sex. They are keen on including toys for maximizing the pleasure.


Cancers are similar to Gemini, and it’s safe to say that they are not the kinkiest of the zodiac signs. They won’t admit any special dirty desire. Not that they don’t have it, simply they are too shy to ask for it. What will turn them on is some role play, but don’t go to the extreme because you might achieve the opposite effect.


Leos are very specific when it comes to sex. They want everything to be perfect. They might put some special lights and music in the bedroom. They even might ask their partner to wear some specific clothes. If the partner allows them to, they will even film the event. For Leos, watching pictures or videos from the action is a turn on.


Virgos are a bit more specific than the other signs. You might say they have a strange way of doing things in life. If they think that they are enjoying sex too much, they might even punish themselves in some way. For example, they would let their partner sleep with someone else and get away with it.  They have the need to please their partner. What makes their partner happy makes them happy as well.


Libra is all about foreplay. They enjoy foreplay more than the actual action that comes after. They have very refined desires in bed. For example, you can try wearing a costume next time. They will enjoy the costume more than the action that follows. They want hours of foreplay, and their main fetish is oral sex.


Scorpio is very dominant in bed. They are experts in body anatomy. When having a Scorpio for a partner, be prepared for some rough action. They tend to be a bit brutal in the sack.  They want to cause pain – that is their fetish.


These people have trouble having fun during sex, and that is because they experience all the fun even before the foreplay begins. For them, the fun part is the chase, the part where they convince their partner to get in bed with them. That is one of the reasons why they are known for switching many partners. Besides switching partners a lot, they are also very possessive.


Capricorns are the freaks when it comes to sex! They don’t need much foreplay, they can go from zero to 100 in one millisecond. They are known to have above average stamina when it comes to sex. Basically, they can go all night nonstop. They are very dominant and they want to punish their partner by causing them pain. This goes for males and females, too.


Aquarius is the most curious sign. They are keen on trying new things. They want to be the creators of the script and the audience in the same time. They get excited when they learn something new in bed. Sometimes they take this curiosity to the extreme. They might ask their partner to shock them with electricity or do something unexpected. What they really want is talking about their experiences in bed.


They have the need to be wanted but also they have the need to want someone! They are prostitutes in the bedroom. They love to give their partner what he or she wants. They want to make their partner addicted to the pleasures they can give. It is their mission to please their partner.


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