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Don’t Miss The First ‘Black Moon’ In 19 Years – Here’s Why February’s Black Moon Could Make You Angry


In January, we had the opportunity to enjoy the sight of two wonderful Supermoons, one of which was a ‘Super Blue Blood Moon’ and its eclipse.

In February, we will have yet another rare phenomenon happening in the sky – a ‘Black Moon’. But, what is a ‘Black Moon’?

A ‘Black Moon’ has several definitions in astrology. In our case, it means that this month there won’t be a Full Moon in the sky. Another definition of the ‘Black Moon’ is when a season has 4 new moons instead of 3, or when there are 2 new moons in one month.

This event happens once in every 19 years and its meaning is opposite of what we have experienced with the Supermoons in January. Here’s why.

There were 2 full moons in January – one at the beginning, and one at its end. In February, however, we will not have a Full Moon. This event can only happen in February, due to its shortness.

For all of you who got excited by the sight of the ‘super blue blood moon,’ this event is not so exciting for one very obvious reason – if the term ‘Black Moon’ means that there won’t be a full moon in the sky, then we won’t have anything interesting in the sky to watch!

The term ‘Black Moon’ means a complete absence of an astrological event.

And for all of you who believe in energetic shifts that are created by the moon phases, I would like to point to a few things that you should consider.

This time of the ‘Black Moon’ is excellent for cutting your hair or trimming your nails because it is a time that affects growth.

And for those who are farmers or grow their own fruits and vegetables at home, this is a good time to plant because plants that are sewn in the time of a ‘Black Moon’ are believed to give a better harvest.

Also, this is a special time to perform any magic rituals and spells because they could be more effective due to the black moon’s incredibly powerful energy that magnifies the magical forces.

And finally, there are some who see this event as a bad omen. Or, as Amanda Cooper, a San Diego Entertainer’s journalist, explains: “There are many superstitions about the black moon and many are fearing the worst with its arrival. One theorist states that the black moon signals the end of the world and the end of all life on earth. I guess all we can do is wait.”

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