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Dubai Plans To Introduce Flying Drone Taxis As Early As This Summer (Video)


The city of Dubai will take the first step towards improved transportation with its plan to deploy a passenger-carrying drone as early as this summer.

This way urban congestion and transportation problems will be decreased.  

While Uber, Airbus and several other agencies are planning to create test vehicles that will transport cargo at first, Dubai’s Road & Transportation Agency announced that they will offer passenger service too.

The routes of the flight will be predetermined, starting in July, and they will use the Ehang 184 autonomous quad-opener electric drone to transport people through air.

These aren’t just empty words and bragging, the city of Dubai says that it has already started test flying the vehicle in Dubai skies. A passenger with a maximum weight of 220 pounds can test the ride in the Ehang 184 drone.

The drone can travel 31 miles on one charge at a top speed of 100mph. The drones will be remotely monitored by the Dubai officials and piloted from a centralized command center.

Dubai has brought many inventions in the world of fast and efficient transportation through air.

It’s possible that Hyperloop One will soon deploy the first active hyperloop transportation system in the city, with a route to Abu Dhabi, for example, and it’s also piloting many self-driving shuttle projects.