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This Is How Every Zodiac Sign Cheats In A Relationship (Beware Of Virgo)


Some people might argue that in today’s age monogamy is overrated and that we, as human beings, are not made to be monogamous. In a world of choices where Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder rule, how safe is to say that one can be 100% monogamous?

Of course, not all people cheat but let’s look at the natural tendencies for cheating that each zodiac has, and why would they cheat in the first place.

ARIES – Cheating out of boredom.

Aries are adventurous people, and nothing bores them more than routine. This makes them prone to cheating. If they get stuck in a rut with their partner and become bored, they are most likely to cheat on their partner with the next new and interesting person they meet.

If they are caught in the cheating act, however, they will usually start blaming their partner to justify their guilty conscience. And in that way, they could continue cheating without feeling guilty because in their mind the blame is on their (boring) partner.

TAURUS – If they cheat, it is their partner’s fault.

Taurus is one of the most loyal signs in the zodiac. So, if they cheat – it is usually their partner’s fault. Taurus is someone who would stand by their partner until the ends. This is because, when they enter a relationship, they give it their all. When they find that their partner doesn’t appreciate and reciprocate their efforts, they get quickly disappointed.

If they start to even think about cheating, it is safe to say that your relationship is gone forever. Because, Taurus rarely loses interest in a person, but when they do – it is lost forever. And if they cheat, for them it is never a one-night and a fleeting experience. It is something that will most likely turn into something more serious.

GEMINI – Cheating with close friends.

Gemini is known to cheat with close friends. This is the worst scenario, but Gemini like drama. They can lust after your friends and colleagues for weeks before they cheat on you with them. So, if you have a Gemini for a partner, know that next time you introduce them to one of your friends, your Gemini partner is already into them.

This sign also gets easily bored, so that’s why they have wandering eyes. If you catch them cheating, it will most likely be with someone you know and that will break your heart. As for the Gemini, they would get annoyed that you left them because their fragile ego would get broken too.

CANCER – They are not good at cheating.

This sign is not good at cheating. They are very emotional and empathetic to do that. When they fall in love, they fall in deep. They will do anything for their partner. If somehow, they lose interest – they will most likely tell you honestly. Because, if you find that they are cheating, they will feel even worse than you. Their guilt will eat them up.

If you want to know what would make a Cancer cheat on their partner, have in mind that they are always to find their perfect person. Someone that will compliment them and will put an equal effort into the relationship like they do. If you are not giving them what they need, the Cancer will leave you to continue with their search for the ideal partner.

LEO – They don’t cheat.

Leo is a very loyal sign. When they are in a relationship they stand with their partner through thick and thin. Moreover, their big ego won’t let them cheat. They think that cheating is a disgraceful act that is below them and would only bring them shame and chaos in their life.

So, they would rather enjoy the relationship while it last than involve themselves in the adventures of the cheating world.

VIRGO – Masters of cheating.

Virgo is an excellent cheater. They have mastered the art of cheating. They can cheat on their partner for as long as they want, and their partner won’t have a clue. This is because they are planning their cheating acts in advance. And they always have many ‘potential partners’.

If their partner catches them cheating, it is because they wanted just that. They revealed their hidden acts to their partner to let them know. So, if you are in a relationship with a Virgo, be careful when they change their behavior. Even the slightest change in them could mean that something is not right.

LIBRA – Cunning cheaters.

Libra is a very manipulative and cunning sign. These masters of deception could even be in a relationship with more than two people without being discovered. It takes a brilliant and cautious mind to plan all this flawlessly.

If they get caught, however, they will try any excuse they have to manipulate and convince their partner that what they are doing is for their own good and that an open relationship is not a bad idea. Because, when they set their mind to something they won’t stop until they get what they want.

SCORPIO – Cheating out of love.

This sign hardly ever cheats on their partner. Cheating is against their devoted nature. When they are in a relationship, they have eyes only for their partner.

If they cheat, it is because they have fallen in love with their new partner and they don’t know how to tell their partner about it without hurting them.

SAGITTARIUS – Cheating just for fun.

Sagittarius can cheat just for fun. They can go from one person to other without a second thought. They do this to feel their never-ending need for adventure, fun, and excitement.

Their life can get hectic at times, so they relieve the stress by finding new exciting partners. This sign is very extroverted, and they live a fast life, so they never have trouble meeting new people and getting new partners every now and then.

CAPRICORN – Guiltless cheater.

Capricorn is known for their carefree nature. So, they don’t see cheating as a big deal (if they are doing the cheating part). This means that they don’t feel guilty or sorry for cheating on their partner.

On the more (positive) side, they will try to hide the act from their partner as best as they can. And their flings involve only casual sex. They can never get involved in a yet another emotional relationship if they are already in one.

AQUARIUS – Cheating with someone they have fallen hard for.

This sign is known to indulge in the cheating act only when they fall hard for someone. And even though it doesn’t take much for them to fall fast for someone, they are getting bored with their partners even faster. They love beautiful and shiny things, but their attention span is terrible, so they are hoping from one shiny object to another and never being satisfied.

They have a lack of slow control and that’s why others don’t take them seriously. Moreover, they don’t bother hiding their cheating act – they would be even happier if you have found out for yourself because they don’t like to bother with the guilt that comes from such a confession.

PISCES – Brilliant cheaters.

Pisces is a very creative, smart, and imaginative sign. They are also smart and creative when they decide to cheat. They will plan the act with such a brilliance that it is impossible for an ordinary person to notice.

Their love for their partner won’t change. They will love them with the same intensity and commitment like always. This is why it is so difficult to catch them in the act.