Everyone’s Yard Needs A Kodama Zome This Summer

Everyone’s Yard Needs A Kodama Zome This Summer


This is an investment of your money which you’ll never regret.Summer is coming and with it brings warm nights which are best spent outside in the garden.

We all like enjoying those nights sitting on a porch with a glass of wine or an interesting book in hand.

For this purpose, hammocks and swings provide a solid solution for accommodation but for those of you who always want something better now you can have one.  

Kodama Zomes is the perfect choice for you. Kodama Zomes combine design and art but put comfort and relaxation first.

Kodama Zomes work a bit different from a swing or a hammock. They hang from one overhead point, which allows them to rock and sway gently. Due to this smooth rocking and swaying you’ll be able to enjoy your drink without a chance of spilling it.  

These zomes are bigger that an average swing. They weigh 110 pounds and can hold up to 600 pounds or nearly four adults. Now you and your family can spend amazing nights reading or just hanging out.

Kodama Zomes are made out of steel frame and a mattress. There are also cushions made out of foam and outdoor upholstery fabric so they’ll be resistant to different weather conditions.

The zomes cost $5,400 and come in five different colors- green, blue, orange and two shades of grey.

You’ll also need to decide where to hang the zome. A big branch on a tree is just one suggestion.

Or you can hang it above the pool.

And if you are looking for some shade and shelter, hanging the zome below the porch is an excellent choice for you.