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If You Get Goosebumps From Music – You Have A Special Brain, Study Finds

Matthew Sachs, a former Harvard undergraduate, in his study finds that people who get goosebumps while listening to music have a special brain. 

Do you often find yourself getting the chills while listening to a musical piece?

Personally, I always get chills when I listen to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Matthew Sachs is a former Harvard undergraduate who studied people who get goosebumps when they listen to music to how this feeling is triggered.  

According to his findings, a person’s ability to feel sensations like chills or goosebumps while listening to music is a very unique and special ability.

The study included 20 students, 10 of which said that they often experience different sensations while listening to music, and the other 10 said they didn’t feel sensations at all. Then, he took brain scans of all of them.

Sachs found that the students who were able to physically and emotionally connect to the song have, in fact, very different brain structures. Meaning, the fibers in their brain are denser in volume, which betters the communication between the auditory cortex and the areas responsible for processing emotions.  

Moreover, getting chills and goosebumps means that you are more in tune with your emotions, and your emotions are more intense.

Sachs’s study, although small, was published in Oxford Academic. Currently, he is doing a research of the brain’s activity to certain songs and the reactions that are being produced.

He hopes that his research will help those who suffer from depression and have repressed ‘pleasure’ feelings to gain their sensations back with music.

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