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Giant Phedophile Ring Busted, 900 Aressted, 300 Kids Saved And Corporate Media Ignores It

Despite various attempts to pinpoint the U.S. elite’s involvement in the child trafficking business, many have failed to prove any connection between the two. But it is common knowledge that if you cannot prove its existence, it does not mean that it does not exist.

In fact, what other countries have thought as non-existent has been proven to be the brutal truth, especially in the cases of high-level government child trafficking rings. And with the rising number of such cases, it seems that this business looks more like the norm rather than the exception among high-level govt officials.

And of course, it is hard to pinpoint something so incriminating for those in power, when their power brings them the privilege of avoiding such scenarios. Perhaps one indicator of such avoidance is the media’s silence when child-trafficking rings in other countries are busted, especially when there is the involvement of government officials.

One example of the media turning a blind eye to such truth is the involvement of a child welfare officer in India (the equivalent for Child Protective Services official) in a child-trafficking ring. Sasmita Ghosh’s arrest makes it the seventh case of a government official’s involvement in child trafficking in the North Bengal region in India.

As The Hindu reports, “the child trafficking racket in North Bengal came to light recently following the arrest of the owner of a child care home, Chandana Chakraborty, and one of her associates. Another person was arrested within a few days.”

Abortion clinics and birthing centers hold the strongest grip on the child-trafficking business.

In one scenario, the babies are taken from mothers who were convinced out of abortion in exchange for money. They get a compensation of $4,500 for boys and $1,400 for girls, and after giving birth, their babies are sold off on the black market. Other birthing centers steal the babies from their mothers after lying to the parents that they were stillborn.

After the children have been taken away from their mothers, they are carried to homes for the elderly and mentally disabled, or in nursing homes, where they wait to be shipped on the black market to become targets of sexual predators, slaves, or part of families who could not have a child.

An example of how complex this child-trafficking network can be is the case in Kolkata, India, where the police recovered 13 babies and skeletons of two infants who were being hidden in homes for the elderly and mentally disabled.

In the raids which followed the discovery of three newborns hidden in cardboard biscuit boxes and locked in a storeroom in a nursing home, 18 people have been arrested, including owners of clinics, owners of charities, doctors, midwives, as well as court clerks accused of forging documents for the stolen babies.

“It is a huge network of NGOs, nursing homes, doctors and middlemen dealing in illegal adoption and baby trafficking that the police have busted. Our men are now building on the huge leads they have already got in this case,” explained Rajesh Kumar of West Bengal’s Crime Investigation Department (CID).

Closer to home, the situation with child trafficking may seem even more dangerous.

Congresswoman McKinney, who had the courage to openly question the elite about their involvement in the child trafficking business, tweeted a message which may be very close to the truth that is hidden from us.

She notes that should the Government investigate thoroughly, the child trafficking issue can easily hit the top, leading to the downfall of both Republicans and Democrats.

Bearing in mind that officials’ involvement in the child trafficking ring is not something uncommon throughout the world, we should ask ourselves whether the Child Protective Services could play out some role in the truth the U.S. society tries to negate.

The CPS has a power which is legally unmatched in all of the society. They can take children away from their parents based on simple decisions and without a lot of explaining and send them off to sexually abusive foster homes or even worse.

This would not sound strange if we compare the same authority in the cases with India’s rings. If it can happen in other places, what makes the U.S. invulnerable to the same business around which a lot of money is involved.

However, the larger the problem becomes, the less these sick people can hold their grip on controlling the information that leaks. And since the media will not tell you of how these rings work outside, it is best that we spread the awareness together.

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