7 Gorgeous People With Unique Skin Color

7 Gorgeous People With Unique Skin Color


If you have ever wondered what beauty is or whether there are generally accepted standards for being beautiful or even questioned how beauty has been defined all over the world trust me you are not the only one.

It would not sound right if I say that there is a single simple answer to these questions. In fact, there is not right or wrong answer because everyone has different perspective on what is or is not beautiful.

The most righteous answer I could think of is that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and only in the eyes of the beholder.  

As we all know, there are different kinds of beauty but when we refer to physical beauty trust me no one could stay moderate to the beauty of the skin color these gorgeous people possess.

The following seven people have rarely distinctive color of their skin which makes them exceptional:

Khoudia Diop

Her melanin skin shade made this 19 years old Khoudia Diop being bullied throughout all her adolescence and childhood. She must have had a strong character so that at the age of 17 she decided to front on to and began modeling for the Colored Girl Inc.

Apparently, she turned out to be internet sensation with her outstanding photographs conquering more than 235,000 followers on Instagram.(Source)

Fritz Liedtke’s Stranger

When your passion is your job and when you are in love with what you are doing no time would be inappropriate to do your work.

An amazing story of the photographer Fritz Liedtke says that he was shooting this beautiful lady with awe-inspiring freckles under the neon sign light while going out for dinner in a restaurant, after asking for her permission.(Source)

Connie Chou

Inspired by a Chinese woman with albinism Connie Chou got an idea of how her life might be. She is a Chinese model as well as a jazz singer in Sweden who was born with Albinism unlike her siblings.(Source)

Nikia Phoenix

Her unique freckles are what make her beautiful and stunning. Nikia Phoenix has been one of the most prominent models in the campaigns for Coca Cola as well as Target. She has been rejected from Alternative Apparel after taking coffee and bagels.

She had talked boldly to the HuffPost Style about how she had been ridiculed by photographers and directors during castings. This successful model stands boldly for what she is today and she says that all her strength she has she had found through fate.(Source)

Winnie Harlow

It seems to me like it is her imperfections on her skin that make her perfectly beautiful and attractive. She was only four when these spots had appeared on her body.

She became famous after taking the fifth place on America’s Next Top Model and today she is the brand ambassador for Desigual clothing brand.(Source)

Nasty Zdikova

Nasty Zdikova is a Russian girl who was born with albinism. She is currently altering the face of the Russian beauty industry. She is a songstress and her songs can be found on Youtube.(Source)

Brock Elbank’s Stranger

The photographer Elbank is currently working on a project named Freckles and as the name of the project suggests its focus is all about freckles and their uniqueness and beauty.(Source)