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How To Reveal The Hidden Sides Of Your Partner During Your Dates

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Have you ever found yourself in the position where your date never gets to tell you any of his secrets? Well, that’s not new. Lots of relationships are undergoing this challenge. Relationship partner finds it hard to reveal their feelings to avoid being misunderstood, insecure, shut out, and more.

Truth is, people love to share their feelings but under the right circumstances and environment. It’s almost psychological as there are words to say and those to avoid not to trigger any form of insecurity. So what’s the secret to getting your partner to open up to you during your date, let’s find out.

1. Don’t Judge

Humans fear rejection, and will never open up when they sense the slightest of it. This is one of the reasons why they would never open up. They feel someone is going to laugh at them and cause them to feel humiliated and rejected. This is true for both males and females, and worse for males because they have a high ego with a fragile sense of identity. Men crave acknowledgement, feedback, and knowing that they please you.

So not judging your partner and listening to them will allow them to unfold all in their mind. But this is not neglecting the fact that you have an opinion that you should provide at one point or the other. But for your partner to be open to you, make them feel accepted for who they are and not for who you want them to be. Don’t say things like, “That’s not right. I don’t agree.” Or “where did you get to think such crazy thoughts.” If you can ignore your expectations to discover who your partner is, they will sence it immediately, and feel at ease to share anything with you.

2. Reveal Yourself Too

Everyone has challenges but often feel sharing it will make you leave them. However, it’s in your position to show your partner otherwise. And there is no better way to do it than to reveal something about yourself too. It will help them know that you have much trust in them as they have in you.

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So as your partner begins to open up, listen and offer something positive in return. When he says something, you can give a response like, “ell that’s not bad. I’ve done worse,” and pick up a story of what you’ve done. Make sure you’re not making things up to avoid manipulation.

Everyone can tell when they’re being manipulated at some point, thus worsening the whole situation. The goal is letting them know you’re on their team, and they are never alone with that experience.

3. Don’t Bring The Past

Have you ever discussed with your partner before and felt like delving into a road of past grievances? Everything your partner has done wrong, how he hurt you, and what he owes you. Although it happens in every relationship, the truth is that they cringe when it happens.

Avoid throwing your partners word back at them. Instead, let them know that whatever happened in the past, or whatever he said, you were involved too.

4. Become a Great Listener

Most people think it’s not possible to have an honest relationship. Surprisingly, only few are honestly, that’s because the consequence of being honest is big. Some don’t really like sharing the truth because of the fear of upsetting the other person, causing them to shutdown completely.

Stop creating an image of how your partner should think and feel, just patiently listen to what he has to say. It makes them open up and feel you’re a solid partner who will be there through the thick and thin.

5. Be True to Yourself

Before you can be true to someone else, you must first be true to yourself. The best way to get your partner to open up is to simply open up yours first. Be real, sincere and natural. Carry an atmosphere that emits acceptance and warmth.

This is the part where self-awareness comes to play. To develop a great relationship with your partner, first, take inventory of yourself as regards the way you treat yourself and your partner in the past. If it wasn’t pleasant, now is the time to make a change.

Bottom Line

People love to be treated with respect and valued. If you treat your partner as such, they will always open up. The key is to be yourself, it will cause your partner to do the same. They will start communicating more openly and naturally and start disclosing themselves to you.

However, if you use the afore mentioned method, and they are still up tight, they will naturally walk out of your life to a place that’s better for them.