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If Your Ex Wants To Stay Friends With You, They’re Probably A Psychopath, Science Says

I believe we’ve all heard that “But, we can still stay friends” phrase following a break – up. While some may think there’s nothing wrong or even be optimistic about it, I think those who say it are actually trying to make the whole situation appear less awkward.

If you’ve wondered why someone would like to stay friends with their ex, know that psychologists have been wondering about the same thing. And what they have found out is pretty shocking.

One study revealed that the person who would like to remain friends with their ex has actually bad personality characteristics, such as psychopathy and narcissism.

So, if your ex wants to stay friends with you, please, know that you’re dealing with both a narcissist and a psychopath. Honestly, I wouldn’t like to know how someone who possesses these two traits would behave.

And the study showed that the reason for this is not that these people still love or care about you, but because they want to take advantage of you, or manipulate you.

Such people would like to stay friends with you because it’ll enable them to gain access to important things, such as money, information, or sex.

It’s not a secret that narcissists hate to lose. And breakups are just one more thing added to the list of things they’ve failed at. They want to keep you in their social circle because it’ll help them keep their social standing.

Moreover, narcissists and psychopaths share one characteristic – they can’t stand the idea of their ex being in a relationship with another person. They want to be in constant control of your life. That’s why they’ll  be charming and kind towards you so as to persuade you to stay friends with them. And in this way, it’ll be easier for them to manipulate you.

So, if you want to avoid the toxic trap of your ex and protect yourself from their harmful influence, make sure you don’t stay friends with them after the break – up. Instead, try to distance yourself from them as much as possible.

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