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Indigenous Australians Most Ancient Civilisation On Earth, DNA Study Finds

When it comes to knowing your ancestors, it seems that every person  becomes interested in science and people get crazy over finding their true origin and knowing their past and people connected to their past.

According to the study published in Nature, Indigenous Australians are the oldest and most ancient civilization on the planet.

The study tracks these ancient humans by using the DNA of the modern population in Papua New Guinea and Australia and using it as a clue to tack down the oldest civilization on Planet Earth.

These analyses discovered prehistoric connection with an unknown hominin cousin as well as a connection to the first humans to ever cross the ocean.

This study was led by prof Eske Willerslev, at the University of Copenhagen and according to him, this piece of discovery was the one missing in the unsolved puzzle in science and now, we know or tracked the DNA of modern civilization and we are led to the most ancient civilization on Planet who set off on journeys across the sea and continents, whereas other ancestors were too scared or didn’t have the guts to truly explore the world.

According to Willerslev, these ancient humans are the only ones who can be linked to one particular place and the study involved 25 Papuans and 83 Indigenous Australians.

The results showed that their origin is closely related to the first arrivals on the continent who remained exclusively isolated the longest.

Ancient humans may have encountered other hominin species as well as unknown human relative known to contribute around 4 % to the Indigenous Australian genome.

According to Willerslev these findings have only completed the view or belief that Neanderthals or other extinct hominins were in fact no different from our ancestors, even though were once described as a low-browed prehistoric thugs.

Accompanying this study, was another study which established that the advent of modern human behavior doesn’t show any genetic mutations.

This study relied on the cave art and other advanced tools. According to a geneticist at Harvard Medical School who led the analysis of genomes of people from 142 distinct populations, our genome is carrying the history of our ancestors.

Willerslev said that there hasn’t been any type of evidence indicating the magic mutation which have made us humans and study also notes that the KhoeSan (bushmen) and Mbuti (central African pygmies) populations are known to have split off earlier from ancient humans, also indicating of no biological change which would lead to the human culture.

According to the head of human origins at the Natural History Museum, Chris Stringer, behaviors were either developed earlier or have been developed independently or through exchanging of ideas with other groups or maybe the estimated split times are very old.

Moreover, Willerslev’s study also resolves the mystery and establishes the difference between the fact of the languages spoken by these early humans and the genetic findings connecting these Indigenous populations to the Australian continent for many thousand years ago.

Nonetheless, the study truly confirms and establishes the fact that Indigenous Australians have been the oldest civilization ever known to have existed who has ancient connection to their lands.

Source: www.nature.com

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