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For The Cost Of An iPhone, You Can Now Buy A Wind Turbine That Can Power An Entire House For Lifetime

Electricity has become a need without which we cannot function the way we do today. However, the impact electricity production has on the environment is devastating.

This is because the mainstream methods of electricity production have long included a ruthless exploitation of the environment at a very high cost on both ends.

Which is more, not every area of the world can be covered using these methods, so there are still parts of the world which do not have the basic electricity needed for powering a light bulb.

This is because the old-fashioned methods of energy production are not only limited in resources but also come at great infrastructural costs.

Things are changing though. With the introduction of renewable energy sources that promote sustainable energy, the ecological catastrophes and ever rising cost of the so much needed electricity will become a thing of the past.

One such concept of free and sustainable electricity is the method of harnessing the energy of the wind, which leaves virtually no impact on the environment.

Meet Avant Garde Innovations, founded by siblings Arun and Noop George from Kerala, India. Their aim is to put a stop to India’s energy crisis by introducing a low-cost solution. At the cost of only US $750, their wind turbine has the ability to generate 5kWh/kW per day – for a lifetime.

This amount of energy is enough to sustain a whole house’s electrical needs forever and eliminate the monthly electricity bills altogether. The wind turbine is the size of a ceiling fan and, as Arun and Noop say, it will not impact the ecological balance even slightly.

Compared to the cost of other small wind turbines that generate only 1kW of energy and can reach prices of up to US $10,000, Avant Garde Innovations offer their product at the price of an iPhone with hopes that it will contribute to a greater electrical coverage with no environmental costs.

This product will significantly reduce the environmental and financial costs and create a safer and cheaper source of energy for everybody. Earth has suffered long enough to provide us with the commodities we take for granted.

Should this environmental exploitation continue the way it does, it will eventually lead to catastrophes that will affect us severely. Now is the time to return the favor to the planet which provides us with life and give it a helping hand, instead of destroying it further.

Source: Educate Inspire Change

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