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“It’s Not As “Ugly” As I Thought…” The Project Designed To Encourage Women To Love Their Vaginas

Layla Martin is the founder of the Tantrc Institute of Integrated Sexuality, an association that aims at teaching women how to enhance their sexual experiences and build healthy sexual relationships, while taking gratitude in their own bodies. 

The so-called “Head Master of Pleasure”, is not ashamed to talk about the most intimate issues women face. Her newest project was designed to help women overcome the repulsion they feel towards their va…a – and more importantly, to feel comfortable in their own bodies.

The project involved couple of women at different ages, body types and ethnicities. Their partners were included as well. As Layla points out, the perception of men for their partner’s intimate parts are drastically different from the perceptions of the women for their own bodies.

Her goal was to show these women that not only how beautiful they are, but also that their bodies are already loved and admired by their sexual partners.

The first part of the project involved taking pictures of their vag… Everyone that participated was nervous and excited, but embarrassed as well at the same time.

“I was ashamed before taking the picture, but I really don’t know to explain why that is”, says one of the girls.

The majority of their reactions were that their lady part was more wrinkled than they had anticipated.  “It’s not perfect, but not that ugly as well”, added one of the women in her mid-thirties.

Apparently, he issue lies in the comparison with the perfect image of vag… presented in movies. Having that plastic picture in mind, the natural look of your own va…a looks ugly, crumpled and old.  

Then, their partners were shown the same pictures. Their reactions were filmed without them being aware that they speak in front of the camera, and their reactions were later shown to their girlfriends.


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