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Jim Murray Solves Tesla’s Secret To Amplifying Power By Nearly 5000%

Jim Murray is one of the most brilliant minds in the field of science nowadays. His career of a great electrical engineer, researcher and inventor has produced a number of patents, inventions and at present an undoubtedly exceptional discovery which can essentially alter the way that energy is being used now and for all.

Even since Murray was a child, he devoted most of his time on studying technology and working out on improving the world around him. When he was only five, he had already evolved an affinity for motors and electricity.

This inquisitiveness was initiated by his dad’s model train sets which Jim spent hours fiddling with. And it was by the age of 6 when his inherent gift and childhood passion stimulated the creation of his first electromagnet.

Throughout the upcoming years, Jim’s inquisitiveness took him into a couple of fields. He studied and built rockets and radios while in elementary school and then in high school he had developed an interest in nuclear physics.

This simply led Murray to the construction of a linear electron accelerator that emerged in New England Science Talent Search of 1964. Therefore, young Murray won the first place in school, city and state science competitions.  

But what Murray found as most fascinating was Nikola Tesla’s unbelievable claims concerning power generation and transmission.

He decided to go through the source and review of Tesla’s original papers, but most of this was inaccessible and it was seized by the government after the inventor had passed away. He did not give up due to the lack of original material and got in touch with individuals who knew Tesla personally.

The story does not end here. In fact, Murray was interrogated by the FBI who appeared to be over intense about someone trying to replicate Tesla’s Technology.

Murray found the interrogation odd and bizarre but not enough intimidating as to give up from his investigations. Throughout the years, his experimenting has led to the creation of SERPS (Switched Energy Resonance Power Supply) device. It is a highly specialized electronic circuit that can effectively magnify whatever power is applied to it by remarkable fifty times.

As if this was not impactful enough, Murray coupled the same device with Paul Babcock’s ultra-fast nanosecond switching technology. This emerged in greater output of power – a 4790% growth approximately. As might be expected, this might lead to entirely revolutionized and notably cheaper electricity industry.

What is more to add to it is that SERPS is also being praised for its potential to drastically reduce the carbon footprint throughout the whole planet. Nevertheless, it might make a contribution to a notable reduction of oil, natural gas as well as other carbon based energy sources all of which are causing global warming nowadays.

This is what Jim says: “Electric power is supplied by a special transformer to energize a resistive load. The undissipated magnetic potential is then captured and stored temporarily, before being sent back to the source through the very same electrical load.

This oscillating power has completely different properties than conventional electrical power, and actually reduces the total power required from the source.

The consequence of this energy dynamic is that the resistive load can be powered more than twice as efficiently, while the net power supplied by the line is reduced to a very small value.The implications of this technology for power conservation in the future are absolutely astonishing!”

However, The awe-inspiring fact how this technology might dramatically affect the huge oil industries perhaps provides a kind of an explanation why the FBI as well as other government agencies are so interested to quell Tesla’s original work.

Nevertheless, the FBI and the other government agencies are not going to affect Murray’s determination to not share his knowledge with the world on behalf of others who seek to keep a firm grip on the means of energy production.


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