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Intelligence Study Links Low I.Q. To Prejudice, Racism, Conservatism


Does your intelligence quotient affect your level of prejudice? A new study says yes. Your prejudices can tell a lot about your IQ, as it directly dictates what your prejudices may be.

Published on Social and Psychological Personality Science, the study done by Mark J. Brandt, Jarret T. Crawford reveals that a person’s IQ level comes with certain sets of prejudices – such that will not make racists happy.

According to the study, prejudice is something all people possess. The difference is what your prejudices are against.

It turns out that people with low IQ are more prejudiced against non-conventional or liberal groups, and groups that have little choice in their status (such as race, gender, or sexual orientation).

Although this doesn’t leave people with high IQ out of the pool of prejudice, their prejudice is more directed against conventional groups and those perceived to have “high choice” in their associations.

In other words, bigotry, racism, and sexism are directly associated with people with a lower IQ, while people who hate this kind of people tend to have a higher IQ.

Study authors Mark Brandt and Jarret Crawford explain for Broadly that people tend to dislike others who are different from them, and in order for them to maintain the validity of their own world view, they tend to derogate those with different worldviews.

So, next time you hear a racist slur, bear in mind that that person’s IQ doesn’t allow them to think better. In the end, whatever the reason, prejudice is obsolete in a world that is as closely connected as it is today.

Being prejudiced against anything means being stopped from seeing the bigger picture. So, whatever your prejudices, whatever your IQ, you should definitely start reevaluating your worldviews and start seeing from a more objective angle.

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