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Federal Study Finds Marijuana 114% Less Toxic Than Alcohol & Tobacco


A new scientific study has claimed to be true what most of us had already known – that marijuana is approximately 114 times healthier than alcohol.

In this study, scientists have tested 7 drugs, out of which the deadliest of them all was alcohol, followed by heroin, cocaine, tobacco, ecstasy, methamphetamines, and lastly – marijuana which stood at the opposite end of the spectrum of deadly drugs.

Namely, scientists classified marijuana as the only “low mortality drug”, while all the other drugs were classified as “medium”, or even “high risk”.

The findings of the study oppose the government’s view on the subject. Their focus is mainly towards marijuana-related arrests. They should change their focus from marijuana and place it towards checking the consummation of alcohol and tobacco instead – suggest the authors off the study. Moreover, they firmly believe that marijuana should be legalized.

However, it is important to note that while studies were testing the long-term effects of drugs, they were examining only the factor of death; meaning other risks, such as cancer incidence, were left out from the study.

On the other hand, it is proven that cannabis can have many positive benefits on bettering sleep, alleviating pain, and overall comfort. Also, it can improve mood, can serve as a muscle relaxator in muscle spasms etc.

However, while the marijuana’s components are fairly safe, you have to take into consideration the way in which marijuana is consumed. For instance, eating the cannabis is much safer and healthier for you than smoking it. Smoking the marijuana can be risky because of the inhalation of the irritants.

In conclusion, authors suggest that authorities need to focus more on managing the risks of alcohol and tobacco consummation, rather than marijuana. For marijuana, they suggest that regulation instead of prohibition may be the best solution.