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Nikola Tesla Reports In 1895 His Incredible Experience: “I Could See The PAST, PRESENT And FUTURE All At The Same Time”


Nikola Tesla was well known for his ability to manipulate with the electro-magnetic currents and fields around him using his inventions and technology that may seem advanced in certain respects even for today’s science.

One of his fascinating discoveries could unlock the secrets of time travel.

While conducting research on magnetic fields, Tesla found indications that time and space could be influenced and manipulated by the use of those same fields.

His discovery would later lead to the infamous Philadelphia Experiment and other time travel experiments and projects.

Through the manipulation of high-voltage electricity and magnetic fields, Tesla found that time and space could be tampered with and a field could be created which would allow time travel.

He personally managed to achieve this field and could see the past, present and future all at the same time. This means that he managed to bend time in such way that he would be present in all its instances at the same moment.

The experiment was abruptly stopped, as in this field Tesla almost died.

A reporter for the New York Herald wrote a part of his conversation with Tesla, in which Tesla said:

In the field, Tesla found himself out of the space/time reference window, being able to witness the past, present and future at the same time.

He was paralyzed and was unable to help himself, so when the accident happened, his assistant saved him before any permanent damage was done.

Does this mean that the US Government may possess his discoveries which are deemed ‘lost’?

The Philadelphia Experiment and other similar efforts prove that we may already possess such advanced technology but are not aware on how to use it yet.

Source: Alien UFO Sightings