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One Day A Person Will Come Into Your Life And Help You Realize That You Are More Than Enough


I know that you are exhausted. You are tired of being let down. You’ve been through many hardships and as a result, you think that life will never be good for you, the way it is for most people.

I see you and I see the quiet desperation in your face. You’ve lost hope.

I see your sadness reflected in those bright, hopeless eyes. I see that you’ve suffered a great deal. You try to hide the pain away, but you can’t. Your soul is transparent. No matter how much you try to cover your fears and show the world that you are fearless, you aren’t.

I can feel the restlessness inside your heart. That fragile, loving and bruised heart. It has been tossed around like a piece of trash. You’ve loved more than your heart could endure thinking that someone would love you with that same intensity in return. You’ve let people convince you that you are the only thing they need in their lives. But each and every time, you ended up broken and betrayed.

I can see all of that and more than you actually think. Your look gives it all away.

But who could blame you?

Who could blame you for wearing your heart on a sleeve?

Who could blame you for believing in love?


Remember this. You are not flawed, my dear. You are not silly for loving people from the bottom of your heart. You are not dumb for being vulnerable. This world is just too cruel and brutal. It’s not your fault for being who you are.

People have no sense of solidarity and empathy. They don’t care about other people’s emotions. They don’t give a damn whether you are hurt or not as long as they can use you one more time to get what they want. They have no mercy.

But that doesn’t mean that you should give up.

I know that it is hard to keep moving after everything that you’ve been through, but you mustn’t lose your faith. Yes, all of them broke you and damaged both your heart and soul. They turned you into a bitter woman and they made you lose hope.

But one day a person will walk into your life and this person will help you realize that you are more than enough. They will come when you least expect. It will be just like in the movies.

Your eyes will meet, your souls will collide and in that very moment, you will know that they are the person that you’ve been waiting for your entire life.

This person will give you everything you ever craved. They will love you more than words can explain. They will prove to you that love does exist. They will make you wonder if you ever loved before them. And finally, they will accept you for who you really are.

I don’t know how and when it will happen, but I know that one day you will find them.

So, don’t despair. Don’t drown in self-pity. Don’t beat yourself up.

Everything you’ve been through has made you the person you are today. It’s painful and difficult to keep moving on regardless of everything, but you are doing it. All of these experiences, no matter how bad, they are meant to show you the way to the person that you are destined to be with. It may be a long journey, but you will get there. Never doubt that.

One day you will meet the person from your dreams and they will help you realize that you are more than enough.