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Opening The Gate To Spiritual Consciousness Through Sex

I guess you don’t think about sex in any other way but just as something that offers you a lot of pleasure. Well, if this is true, know that you’re wrong. Sex is meaningful and if it’s done right and with the right person, it can provide you with a higher sense of consciousness.

It isn’t surprising that many people don’t understand the real power of sex. The things you associate with sex, such as passion, pleasure, lust, and irresistible attraction, can be felt and seen right on the surface. However, sex can offer you a lot more. The sexual unions you create when you have sex help you to connect on a deeper level with a person, fill yourself with positive energy, and cultivate your spirituality.

In what follows there is a list and descriptions of the 5 kinds of sexual unions. Make sure you always choose the right one for you.

Here they are:

1.The alert union.

You create this union when you have sex with someone for the first time. You both allow to be governed by passion during the intercourse. You pay attention to each other’s bodies and put aside all distractions. Your instinct to derive pleasure from this act is the only thing you focus on. This is the type of union that many people can get addicted to because it always feels good and irresistible.

2.The draining union.

Trust me, you don’t want to create this type of sexual union. It doesn’t increase your spirituality levels at all. On the contrary, this union occurs when you have sex with a toxic person – a person whose character and behavior saps your energy. As a result, you feel overwhelmed and even empty while the other person is beaming with positive energy and satisfaction.

3.The empowering union.

This union is quite opposite to the previous one.  It’s when you get more energy than you give to your partner. This is not a very common union, but you need it in order to feel more emotionally satisfied and comfortable. In this way, your consciousness reaches new levels.

4.The soulful union.

As the term itself says, you build this union when you and your partner connect your souls together, not only your bodies. You open your soul to your partner and they do the same to you, thereby creating a strong connection. You feel vibrations and unexplained energy going through your body and soul. With this union, you reach a higher level of consciousness

5.The conscious union.

This is certainly the union you’d like to create. This kind of union happens when you have sex with a person you honestly and deeply love and know that they love you back. This connection is spiritual and deep and rises above the primal sexual urges we all feel when we have sex. You become more conscious about the importance and meaning of sex and what you need from it.

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