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People Who Sleep In And Hit The Snooze Button Are More Intelligent, Study Finds

Ask anyone what the hardest part of their day is, and almost all will tell you that it is leaving their cozy, warm bed in the morning. And let’s face it, having to wake up early to go to school or work can really be a pain in the neck because who wouldn’t want to stay in their warm and comfortable bed all day?

And while those who struggle to get out of their bed are often perceived as lazy, there is a study which proves that the late-wakers are actually more intelligent than others.

The study called “Why Night Owls Are More Intelligent” finds that those people that can control their sleeping habits are smarter than the average person because they are more in tune with their mind and body.

The authors of the study, Kaja Perina and Satoshi Kanazawa say that it is normal for a person to stay up later than usual and wake up in the morning with the alarm sound and feeling that their body craves more sleep. However, what differentiates an intelligent person from the ordinary crowd is that the intelligent one will listen to their body and will continue sleeping.

Moreover, the authors also say that those who prefer to stay up late at night are more creative. Also, choosing to ignore your alarm in the morning means that you are likely a person who is more ambitious and a leader, not a follower.

Even though the study is about night-owls, it is also true for people that listen to their bodies and are aware of their energy levels.

Still, there is no question that there are people that function better in the morning than at night. If you are one of those, then good for you. Use your morning to workout, brainstorm, or whatever it is that you need to do.

But, if you are a person whose brain ‘wakes up’ in the afternoon, then – don’t worry. You are neither lazy, nor you are lacking ambition. You know best what is good for your body and mind. You should listen to it and stay true to your needs.

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