If You Think This Is A Photo Of A Grandmother And Her...

If You Think This Is A Photo Of A Grandmother And Her Grandson, Look Twice


Have you ever looked at a picture and started crying? Sometimes they make you sad, excited, and they can make your day better. When we look at pictures of humans we get all kinds of feelings. Sometimes we can’t even explain why that is happening. It’s in our nature. We are empathic creatures.

You don’t even have to be so emotional to get goosebumps when you look at the following pictures. But you might as well be mistaken. These aren’t real people. The grandma isn’t starting to cry and the baby isn’t a newborn. How come?

These touching images are hyper-realistic sculptures. Yes, you read right. They are so meticulously made that it’s impossible to note the difference unless you touch them with your own hands.

They seem very real, but in fact they are taken form the Hyperrealist Sculpture 1973-2016 exhibitions at Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao.

Here is the grandma hugging a “newborn”. Her wrinkles, gray hair and the way she is holding the baby seems like she is a real grandma, welcoming her niece or nephew.Now look at the wrinkled baby’s face. So meticulous. Its hair and its clenched fists make you hear its voice in your head, but it’s only a sculpture.

© SAM JINKS Woman and Child. 2010.

Here comes another impressive work of art. It is full of emotion. The man and the woman are hugging each other. Take a look at the man’s sad face and the details on his foot. It makes you want to cry or hug someone you love.

Here you can also look from the other side of the sculpture. The woman has her eyes closed, but she is also sharing the emotion. You wouldn’t believe those hands are just a part of the sculpture, because they look like real skin.

© MARC SIJAN Embrace. 2014.

Don’t be surprised if you see this man sleeping in the middle of the museum. Did you think he is bored from looking at the sculptures? No, he didn’t travel in time from Florida with his glass bottle of soda, but he is made of silicone.

© DUANE HANSON, Traveller. 1989.

How about if you saw this man on the street? Would you think it’s just another magic trick? Why is he lying on the ground like that? Is he dead?

© PETER LAND Back to Square One. 2015

Look at the whole sculpture here. It’s in fact a self-portrait of the artist.

© PETER LAND Back to Square One. 2015.

Here is another sculpture of an old lady. Her eyes look so expressive and you can guess her age by looking at the details on her feet, nails, and wrinkles.

© MARK SIJAN, Cornered. 2011.

If you thought this is a nude girl, you are totally wrong. This impressive sculpture of a naked woman is showing the female body in great detail.You can also look at the sculpture form another angle.

© PAUL MCCARTHY That Girl (T.G. Awake). 2012-2013.

There is also another sculpture of a nude girl in child’s pose.

© SAM JINKS Untitled (Kneeling Woman). 2015.

This woman is sweating and you can see the drops of her sweat on her skin. But if you touch them, they won’t dry off.

They are made of resin and oil. Look at them closely!

© CAROLE A. Feuerman General’s Twin. 2009-2011.The last sculpture looks like a man trying to come out of a wall.You can see the details of how the muscles are made here.

© ZHARKO BASHESKI Ordinary Man. 2009-2010.

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