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Prepare For The Magic Of March – The Two Full Moons Will Change And Shape Your Life In The Most Unexpected Way


March is a month that is quite energetic and unpredictable each year, but this year it will be especially magical and unpredictable.

February was a month with no full moon, a phenomenon that is known as Black Moon. In March, however, we will have two Full Moons – a Worm Moon, and a Blue Moon. The Worm Moon will happen on March 1-2, while the Blue Moon will appear on the night of March 31st.

The energies of the Worm Moon and the Sun in Pisces…

With the beginning of March and the appearance of the first full moon in the sky, the energies that will surround us will be full of awareness and guidance. They will push us to look deep into our soul and clear up all the mistakes we made in the past year. They will inspire us and force us to make amends with those that we’ve hurt and tie up all the loose ends that we have.

These energies will bring us the past year into our minds again and will make us rethink any decision that we made back then. It is a period of introspection and contemplation whether we are headed to the right path and what it is that we really want in our life.

The Sun will be in Pisces until March 2oth and then will make its way to Aries (which should happen during March 20-21st). The energy of the Pisces is a reflective one. It brings about the hidden truth that is buried deep within us. It forces us to be better people and become the best version of ourselves.

The Sun in Aries…

Once the Sun transits into Aries, the energy will shift as well. The energies will be flooding down until the appearance of the Blue Moon. This is important because the Aries’ energy will make us prone to rush into things and act impulsively.

Don’t rush into new things! Don’t make irrational decisions! Think twice before you decide to do something!

While these energies are good energies at the core, they can sometimes overwhelm us. Aries is a determined and a strong-headed sign, so during this period, you will also become more strong-willed and determined to do a lot of things.

But, remember to stay grounded during this time. If you do not ground yourself and protect your energy, the energy of the upcoming Blue Moon will bring bad vibrations into your life. It will drain you instead of recharge you.

The energies of the Blue Moon…

The energies of the Blue Moon that will appear on the sky on March 31st will completely change your life. It will get you to unexpected places (in a good way).

So, prepare yourself for some magic and expect the unexpected to happen. You might feel a little lost and unsure of where you are going, but you need to have faith in this wonderful energy from the Universe.