“Privacy Bed” That Converts Into A Fort Is A Dream Come True...

“Privacy Bed” That Converts Into A Fort Is A Dream Come True For People With Anxiety


Are you one of those light sleepers who’d give up just anything to finally get some decent sleep? Well if you are you’ll be happy to know that Privacy Pop has come up with a solution for such problem.

The Bed Tent is their new invention which will help you sleep sounder, give you some privacy whenever you need it and also reduce anxiety. 

As the name itself suggests– the invention is a tent which is easily attachable to most beds (depends on the size). The tent blocks even the slightest light coming from the window, while providing you with a dark place where you could sleep or nap in peace.

You can also use the tent as a shelter from the curious eyes of unwanted company. And for those who suffer from anxiety or need a minute or two for just themselves, the tent provides a perfect hiding place.

You can purchase the Bed Tent via Privacy Pop’ website and you’ll improve your sleep immediately.