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This 12 Year Old British Girl Has A Higher IQ Than Stephen Hawking And Albert Einstein

How would you feel if you found out that your IQ surpasses that of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking? This was what exactly happened to Nicole Barr when she found out that her IQ test result had placed her among the top 1% of the population with a whopping score of 162.

Nicole Barr, now 14, took the Mensa IQ test when she was 12. Only 5 days after taking the test, she became the talk of the year. With the highest possible score for children her age, she is one of those who have surpassed the IQ scores of geniuses such as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

This came as a very big surprise to a girl in her 7th year, although the signs had been there all along. The Western Daily Press reports that Nicole, who then attended Burnt Mill Academy, in Harlow, was able to tackle complex algebra before the age of ten, attended drama and other various activities.

With the average IQ score of 100, any score that surpasses 140 is considered to be that of a genius. Nicole’s score has officially become a certified genius and a member of Mensa, which currently counts around 110,000 members worldwide.

The criterion for a Mensa membership is quite simple: an IQ score which places you within the top 2% or the world population – and Nicole scored within the top 1% with a score of 162!

Coming from a traveling Gypsy community, Nicole is one of those people who believe in hard work and persistence. She lives in a Gypsy caravan with her father and half-sister and she is the pride of her community. Her ambitions are to become a doctor one day.

Do you think you have what it takes? Try out the British Mensa’s Online Workout and tell us what percentage you managed to make in the test!

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Here Is How Complaining Physically Rewires Your Brain To Be Anxious And Depressed

Nobody can be positive, enthusiastic and perky all the time and that’s a fact. If you know that type of person, I’m sure that he or she is hiding some feeling inside or not showing the real emotions behind a situation.

Sometimes when people face stressful situations or are having bad moments in their lives, they tend to complain or be negative towards other aspects in life. This is perfectly normal, Murphy will find his way to prove to you that if you’re doing badly in life at the moment, you’ll have to be prepared for the worst.

Many find themselves in a situation when they think that it can’t get worse than their current situation and guess what? It can and it will get worse, because negative thoughts attract negative situations and feelings.

So, if you have a friend or a family member who always complain about the hardships of life and the cruelty of life, you know what we are talking about. Those people can suck the positive energy out of you and fill you up with negative energy.

If you have this type of friend, it’s time to learn how to cope with their negativity or simply, maybe it’s time to get rid of those friends. How to recognize whether or not your friend is sucking your positive energy? It’s simple, those are the people who:

  • Have problems all the time, are complaining all the time and don’t even want to try and find a solution to their problem (because whinnying is easier for them)
  • Are “drama queens/kings” most of the time and you’ll hear them saying “I’m not pretty” or “My job is so exhausting and tiring”. So, even though these saying may not be true or are exaggerated, they are used to always complain and fish for attention.
  • Can’t maintain a decent conversation, because they are preoccupied with complaining about the same problem over and over again. Yes, life is hard, yes, I’m not in the best place in my life, but please, let it go and carry a decent conversation, at least for a moment.
  • Can’t be happy for other people’s success or happiness. They will somehow find a way to ruin your day, just because their day is not to their expectations. Finally, you find yourself listening to their problems, and your success and happiness can be flushed down the toilet.

Everyone complains nowadays. We all have those moments when we are feeling bad about ourselves or unhappy about a situation, however, the moment of complaining ends when you share those hardships with a friend and you got it out of your system.

If you go on and on about your problem, the problem will start ruling your life and therefore turn you in this bitter and complaining person that everybody is trying to ditch.

Replace Negativity with Positivity

It’s easily said than done, however positive thinking will attract positive things in your life, whereas negativity can trigger depression, low self-esteem as well as anxiety. The brain is the miraculous organ which is responsible for every function of our body, including emotions.

So, whenever we face similar situations or repetitive thinking, the neurons in the brain form a network and that network is likely to resemble the one of our previous experiences.

For instance, if you have focused most of the time on negative thoughts, criticism, putting people down, the brain may as well react to similar situations with the same emotions and feelings.

So, whenever you hear the saying that positive thinking is everything, believe it, because your brain functions in that way. You’re the only one responsible for your brain, you send signals and your brain reacts to those signals.

So, the next time you want to complain about a problem, think about possible solutions rather than complaining to your family and friends.

How to get rid of Negativity

  • Is it worth it? You have to ask yourself the question, if the thing you’re complaining about is even worth mentioning. Be thankful and happy about the things you have rather than focusing on the things which are missing from your life.
  • Let it go! This is more than a song you know? Try to accept your problem and solve it. If you can’t solve it, let it go. Life is too short to worry about negative things and negative people.
  • Stop Complaining! If you catch yourself complaining about your problems in front of friends, try to help yourself by changing the topic or simply, encourage your friends to tell you something positive or interesting which may enlighten your day.
  • Surround yourself with positive people. This is the only way you’ll be inspired to be grateful and positive. The more positive friends you have in your life, the happier you will be.
  • Reminiscence about happy and positive moments in your life. In this way, you will send your brain signals to activate the “happy” neurons. Your problems will look ridiculous after a while, and you’ll feel happy and positive throughout the day.
  • Make more of what makes you happy. If you have a hobby or a person that always gets the best of you, feel free to spend most of your time doing that activity or seeing that person. Many people find reading, relaxing and consider it as a positive experience rather than a waste of time. Try to focus on positive things and they will come back at you.


Tesla Autopilot “Predicting” A Car Crash Seconds Before It Happens (VIDEO)

This dashcam video footage appears to show something really amazing – an autopilot predicting a car crash just seconds before the actual event.

It is a collision warning system that works in a simple way. It just beeps seconds before there is a crash. The video shows this Tesla model beeping before one vehicle strikes the back end of a SUV. The car accident occurred on a highway in the Netherlands.

This autopilot feature helps the car to in a way sense what’s ahead by utilizing safe-driving-pattern monitoring and that’s how it triggered the alarm.

Also, the emergency braking system was turned on before the crash happened. As you can see from this video, the collision looks pretty bad. However, Hans Noordsij, who shared the video on Twitter, informed people that, surprisingly, no one was badly hurt.

Right now there is no official comment by Tesla, but the electronic sound that you heard in the video is in fact the sound of the electric car’s forward collision warning system. Tesla released a new software a couple of months ago in order to improve the Autopilot partial self-driving system.

Tesla put importance on radar and not sensors, as previously. Also, the car can bounce radar waves under the vehicle that is in front of it. It can also detect if there is a vehicle ahead of the front one that makes a sudden stop, but the driver cannot see it, which can be fatal and lead to a chain-crash.

These improvements were made after one Tesla driver was killed despite the Autopilot system in the car. Tesla admits that this system couldn’t detect a truck crossing the driver’s path, but the driver seemed to forget to use the brakes. Anyhow, this system is not a full self-driving one.


12 Huge Mistakes Parents Today Make For Their Child

Modern parenting approach has its good and bad sides – on one side we are creating little spoiled brats, on the other, we are trying to be more aware of what parenthood really means and how our deeds can affect our children for life!

A parent that is truly aware of its profound and an inspiring role will always have a grain of self doubt when it comes to own parenting style. Parents constantly need to be aware of their position of being role models to another human being.

They need to know that their behavior and habits will affect and determine the future of their offspring! Regular self-reflection is thus the key to good parenting!

 Based on recommendations from several children development experts, we have put together a brief parenting manifesto containing some practical tips – hopefully, you will be inspired enough and will try to avoid making some of the following parenting mistakes:


According to a famous US nanny Emma Jenner, modern parents are almost afraid of own children and do not dare to set proper boundaries. This makes them weak leaders in the eyes of own children! A parent needs to be an example of a good leader – this will create stability and safety for your kids!


Children need rules. Strangely enough, they even like rules! Rules offer a sense of routine, direction and guidance. Rules also give children clarity and ultimately safety. It is therefore extremely important to set some rules. Once rules are established, they should be valid both for children and parents – the most important thing about rules is to stick to them and to remain consequent, otherwise you might lose your child’s respect!


It is funny to hear and see parents who preach to their children and then do the opposite! We need to model the life that we preach to our children. In other words, what you show your children as a certain behavior they will model too and subsequently behave in the same way!  Simply, teach your kids by your own example!


If your child is afraid, sad or angry simply listen and pay attention to its feelings. The worst thing that you can do is to make jokes or ignore feelings. Ignoring your child or making jokes to get your way out of the situation can leave long-term consequences – your child might feel emotionally neglected, disrespected or less loved.  

So next time when your child is sad or angry, simply hug it and recognize the importance of their emotions. When the child is calm again, talk about your mutual feelings. Your child will feel safe and protected and will be able to trust you.


Trying to protect your child is almost an instinctive parental reaction! But sometimes parents overdo it! If we try to protect our children too much or too often, they will have no opportunities to learn from own experiences nor to explore own boundaries.

Over protection with children will later leave them with a feeling of failure, when they see that the world around them is not that easy to tackle. They will have no tools and mechanisms for self-protection.  Too much protection can produce persons who, when facing life problems, can turn to withdrawal or even depression, as they cannot handle the hardships of the world! So teach your children that it is ok to make “mistakes” as they actually are life lessons.


Every parent wants to have a perfect relationship with their child. This doesn’t mean that they should level up with their kids and start behaving like peers or friends. For example, if you start discusing your concerns or even worse, (relationship) problems with your children, it may give them a feeling of worry or insecurity.

Further, if you show that you are helpless or don’t know what to do in a certain situation, your children might lose respect for you and will perceive and treat you as their equal. In short, don’t burden your children with own emotional problems but rather teach them by own example how to positively solve the obstacles!


If your child encounters some problems at school, do not run straight away to school to solve them – rather talk openly to the child and teach him or her some self-management techniques so your child can be a problem solver – this will eventually create a sense of self-worth and self-respect!

Of course, if the school problems are too serious (bulling) then there is a need to step in and protect your child but it is extremely important to keep the communication lines with your children open. They need to know they can always count on you in times of distress!  So, try to find a natural balance and support your children in their own problem solving, don’t solve problems for them – this is a learning process both for parents and children!


As parents, we probably thought we would never argue in front of our kids! Despite our best intentions, it happens that parents backfire at each other in front of their kids. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common parenting mistakes!

Children hear and see such behavior which they later model in their own relationships! Instead, show your child a loving relationship, set a proper example. If partners put each other down, children will never learn what a true love relationship is. Even in a case of divorce or a breakup, try not to put your partner down.  And remember not to put children into position of taking sides as they love and respect both parents equally.


Always try to see your child as an individual. You might be an extrovert while your child is an introvert – simply accept that our children are different and have the need to develop own personality. Naturally, encourage your children to make own life choices whether it is about choosing friends or future education. And certainly don’t project your own ambitions or lost dreams onto your children, let them discover their own life passions and purpose. 


Modern parents sometimes tend to give in quickly into the needs of their kids! Saying NO to your child might cause you to feel guilty. However, this can lead to having extremely spoiled kids. Saying “NO” means setting healthy boundaries and teaching your kids to fight for what they want or believe in.

What is more, apart from trying to get rid of own feeling of guilt, we should never burden our children with feelings of guilt either! For example, never say that you will feel bad if a child doesn’t do something for you. Put differently, do not condition children’s actions with your emotions! – you will create feelings of guilt, which will burden your kids! After all, love should be unconditional.


Establish a reward system for children that will create a sense of awareness and a higher cause – many parents make a mistake by buying stuff for kids in case when they get good grades; instead, they could give them emotional praise and offer a reward in terms of spending quality time together, reading a book or going to a movie! By receiving material rewards children will not learn about true motivation or unconditional love!


Some parents tend to forget their childhood or adolescence period and often criticize their kids, forgetting that they were making the same “mistakes” in the past.

Especially in the adolescence period, parents and children get into frequent conflicts. In this period it is crucial that parents share their past experiences and valuable life lessons so their kids can learn from but also feel close to their parents. Sharing your own life wisdoms  will give them coping tools, but will also teach them how to deal with direct consequences of own decisions. It will ensure a sense of responsibility too!

So, what should parents do in order to positively contribute to their child’s development?

According to the Emmaschildren website, there 10 practical tips can assist you in raising an emotionally balanced child (additional information on the 10 tips is to be found via (www.emmaschildren.com) – we have made our top 5 list:


 And perhaps the most important rule of all – don’t forget to say “sorry” to your children, if you are the one who needs to apologize for your behavior! Your children will appreciate it immensely!


Restaurateur Offers $10M To Save Carnegie Deli

A restaurateur is offering $10 million to save a place that he feels attached to in many ways. In fact, the man who now owns uptown Manhattan restaurants used to work as a dishwasher in that Deli for $3 an hour.

Sammy Musovic, the owner of uptown Manhattan restaurants Sojourn, Vero and Selena Rosa, emigrated from then-Yugoslavia in his teen years 30 years ago and started working at Carnegie Deli in New York as a dishwasher. Since then, Sammy has managed to climb to his current status as a restaurateur who owns three restaurants.

The attachment Sammy feels towards Carnegie Deli is nevertheless a deep one and an experience which has inspired him to stay in the food business; and the recent news of its closure by the end of 2016 has deeply upset him. This is why he and the Deli’s current staff and alumni set out in efforts to save it.

The first offer that Sammy gave for the Carnegie Deli was $5 million and now he is raising that offer to $10 million.

“When I saw they wanted to close . . . I was devastated,” said Sammy for New York Post, adding “I said, ‘Wow, this is an institution; it’s like taking the Statue of Liberty away from New York or the Empire State Building.”

Source: New York Post

On the other hand, the family that owns the Carnegie said for The Post that they were not affiliated with any fund-raising efforts to continue operations and cautioned patrons with any efforts to do this. On the matter of Sammy offer of $10 million, they answered that they had no interest in discussing the sale of the Carnegie.

The fate of the Carnegie is still uncertain, but, as Sammy himself said, losing the Carnegie is like taking the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building away from New York.

Do you think the Carnegie deserves a continuation of the story started in 1937?

Source: The Huffington Post


Everything You Need To Know On Chakra No. 7 + How To Heal It – Sahasrara!

Affirmative Statement: I Understand

Sanskrit name: Sahasrara (thousand petalled)

Color: Violet

Frequency: 963 Hz (Solfeggio), 480 Hz (Carrier Wave)

Musical Note: H

Element: Thought, Energy, All

Organs: Upper brain, right eye

Endocrine Glands: Pituitary gland

Identity: Universal identity

Rights: To know and to learn

Challenge: Attachment

The crown chakra, also known as Sahasrara (which in Sanskrit means “Thousand Petalled”) is the chakra of spiritual connection, divine wisdom, oneness, universal consciousness and the superconscious mind.

It is located at the top of the head or slightly above it. This chakra is the most non-physical chakra of the 7. Once all physical aspects are met, satisfied and refined and the non-physical aspects nurtured and enhanced, the crown chakra gives way to the most spiritual nature of our being. It is the chakra of wisdom, enlightenment and spiritual truth.

It is believed that through this chakra do we receive the universal energy that keeps us alive and connected to everything else. Just like comparing ourselves to a flower, once the roots give fluid to our sacral chakra, our stem fed by the fiery energy of the solar plexus, which helps us grow into the air and vibrate in sound and light, our crown starts blooming into a thousand petalled lotus.

This chakra is the pinnacle of our physical existence and a gateway to our Higher Self. The knowledge and experience we gain by working on all the aspects of ourselves lead us to this consciousness by themselves, so even if you find this far-fetched, once you have done all the work on the lower chakras, this knowledge will come to you spontaneously.

Which organs is the crown chakra responsible for?

As we mentioned in Part I, this chakra governs over upper brain and right eye with its gland being the pituitary gland. The hormones of the pituitary gland help regulate the functions of other endocrine glands. It produces many different kinds of hormones that stimulate different glands to function normally. These glands include the adrenal glands, the ovaries and testes and the thyroid gland.

So, what are the characteristics of a balanced crown chakra?

A person with a balanced crown chakra is a very wise person with great intuitive knowledge. They achieve a very good spiritual connection, they are open-minded and possess the ability to question.

They have the ability to assimilate and analyze information and create a strong understanding of everything around them. They see everything as functioning in unity, because of which are selflessly devoted to the well-being of others. They know when to let go and know the difference between attachment and connection, of which they choose the latter.

What are the characteristics of a crown chakra out of balance?

There are two scenarios for an imbalanced crown chakra: it can be underactive or overactive. Both cases are unhealthy, as they bring many negative aspects to one’s being.

Underactive crown chakra:

People with an underactive crown chakra feel like they lack a purpose in their lives. New outlooks on life will be hard for them to grasp if they believe they exist at all. These people have rigid belief systems and are cynical towards spirituality.

They are narrow-minded and do not wish to see the larger picture. They feel separated from the rest and they see their life as a punishment. An underactive crown chakra may result in coordination difficulties, clumsiness or poor balance.

Overactive crown chakra:

People with an overactive crown chakra have difficulty in being taken seriously by others as they drift in their own world, living in their heads. They can create excessive attachments and this includes their attachment to their ‘god-like’ spirituality, which really dissociates them from the true nature of spirituality. They have trouble grounding themselves and consider themselves better than others around them.

How to balance the crown chakra?

If you find yourself in one of the scenarios of an imbalanced crown chakra, you might want to help yourself by trying to balance it. While energy healing (such as Reiki or Crystal Therapy) is a very good step, you will need to work on yourself even afterwards, since your body is your temple and you have to keep it healthy, nourished and clean all the time.

There are several ways of balancing this energetic center. Below you will find some useful ways of balancing it, but be careful as these techniques are only good for an underactive crown chakra! If your chakra is overactive, try balancing all other chakras, and the energy will adjust itself.

Color therapy (or chromo therapy)

Violet is the color of the crown chakra, which means wearing something violet will instantly boost the chakra as it vibrates with the same frequency. However, if your crown chakra is overactive, we recommend that you stop wearing violet for some time. You can also place a violet poster in your bedroom if your crown chakra is underactive.

Sound therapy (audio therapy)

You can play solfeggio harmonics at 963 Hz on YouTube. Chanting NG (as in tongue) or OM (AUM) while focusing on the crown chakra, since its sound frequencies stimulate the crown chakra.

Nutrition for the crown chakra

Pure foods grown in nature that absorb sunshine are a great source for the crown chakra. Sun-dried foods are also a great choice opposed to sweets. Avoid processed and generally any food with additives. Drink plenty of water to detoxify your body and choose food high in antioxidants.


Sitting comfortably while focusing your attention in your crown area and visualizing violet light emanating from that spot will stimulate the energy of the crown chakra. You can chant NG or OM (AUM) while meditating on the crown chakra.

Meditation in nature is always the best one there is, but if you can’t find the time, just tidy your room and meditate facing a window.

What Your Sleeping Position Reveals About Your Personality

Just as the color of your clothes or the size of your car can reveal your true self, the same goes for some more unusual aspects of your life, namely, your sleeping habits! Would you ever guess that your sleeping positions are that important?!

Various scientific studies on human behavior claim that the way you sleep can reveal exactly who you are! Allegedly, they can tell what type of a woman you are, or even, how your relationships work. In short, psychological tests can expose your personality!

So, do you think you are a leader, a “soldier” or a “starfish” personality?! Let’s find out by using this simple online personality test. See if you recognize yourself in one of the described positions – who knows, you might even discover something that you didn’t know about yourself either!

There are quite a lot of positions that people can adopt unconsciously while sleeping, especially if they are too tired or restless. Several various sleeping positions are described below, with corresponding characteristics.

The Yearner / Reacher position 

In this sleeping position people like to rest on their sides, with their arms stretched forward – it seems like they’re literally trying to reach for something! This personality type is said to be open for new challenges, but can at times be cynical or suspicious. Also, they often tend to be slow decision makers.

The Starfish position 

You’re a starfish personality if you prefer to sleep on your back with both your arms stretched upwards, on each side of your head, resting on the pillow! The sleep analysis tests reveal that, as a “starfish”, you might be a very good listener and you’re liked by many, as you are always there for people when they need you. In short, you’re a likeable friend in need! 

The Log position 

The log sleeping people like to sleep on one of their sides, with their arms stretched down. Their legs are stretched in the same posture. Log sleeping position reveals highly sociable and trusting personalities. However, their trust level might get too high, even to the point of gullibility.  

The Soldier position 

Soldier sleepers peacefully lie on their back with arms along their bodies. Being a “soldier”, you are likely to be self-assured, with a strong personality, setting high standards both for yourself and for others!  You might be a calm, silent personality type.

The Freefall position 

In this position, it appears as if you have just taken a freefall with your face down! In other words, you lie on your stomach with your arms on the pillow and head sideways.

Free fallers are often perceived as very optimistic and enthusiastic personalities, true leaders, but they sometimes might seem too sensitive when it comes to criticism. At times, they might be considered as being nervous or short tempered.

The Fetus position

Fetus is the most common and the most well known sleeping position that people assume during their sleep. In this curled-up position, you lie on your side with bent knees and arms. You almost sleep like a baby! According to a British researcher Mr. Chris Idzikowski, women are more inclined to assume the fetus position, in comparison to men.

It seems that people who often use this sleeping position can be shy or even sensitive. For the outside world, this personality type might appear strong or tough but they actually have a very gentle heart.


The School Of The Future Has Opened In Finland

I’m sure that we all know a few children that can’t wait for the summer and winter break to be over so they could run back at school, sit in their classrooms and enjoy in every lesson they have.

Unfortunately, the number of those children is decreasing all the time. More and more, we hear children saying how they can’t stand going to school, they can’t follow the lessons or they find them uninteresting and they aren’t motivated at all. Or they would also say that they don’t like how their school looks from both the outside and the inside, they are too tired to sit in one place all the time and so on and so forth.

That’s the reason why child psychologists have argued for a while about changing the approach we have to education so we could help children learn to love school rather that hate it.People in the city of Espoo, Finland have come up with an interesting idea how to achieve that goal. They have built the Saunalahti school which doesn’t look like a regular school at all. Instead it looks like a modern art museum- wonderfully light and airy.

The experts from VERSTAS Architects have completely changed the typical design for public school that we are all already fed up with.

The building is stretched across 10, 500 square metres and consists of a kindergarten, a primary school, a secondary school, theatre, a youth club, gym, library, cafeteria and many other things.

The process of teaching happens in a relaxed atmosphere. Pupils are allowed to sit wherever they want and whatever position they want and teachers encourage them to engage in a discussion all the time.

In this classrooms pupils are allowed to move around the classroom, change places, lie on a sofa with a computer placed on a stool in front of them. In this school, blackboards are replaced with laptop computers. Most of the lessons are built around the concept of team work and projects.

The cafeteria is a place where teachers and pupils meet as part of the learning process through socialization. The dining hall is also used as a venue for performances, meetings and celebrations because there is also a stage there.

There are also open areas around the school which are specially designed to provide space for children where they could walk around. The areas are divided into different areas for primary and secondary school pupils.

The school is not only used by pupils but also by all citizens in the neighbourhood. In the evenings, the school turns into a sports centre where people can spend their free time and use sports hall and hardware workshops to maximum effect.

When it comes to the decoration, architects decided that using natural materials is the right choice since they create warm, comfortable atmosphere. They used different building methods and in random patterns to build the external brickwork.

This way, they believe, they would encourage pupil’s interest and engagement in the process of learning. The entrance hall and the staircase is a place where children play and relax. The walls there are painted into bright colours. Also, every class has its own different coloured hallway so there’s no way you could get lost. 

The architects had an open place in mind when they designed this school. The school’s open spaces have been carefully connected up with the internal hallways. This was done because architects believed that any fence or barrier will provoke children to rebel against restrictions. Although there are video cameras everywhere, the security measures in general are unobtrusive.

There are large windows that are facing onto the street. Pupils sit beside the windows, so they won’t feel locked behind four walls and will feel free and connected with the outside world.

Amazingly, in schools of this kind which are totally different from the traditional schools, children’s educational progress is much higher. Psychological problems which are often experienced by school children are reduced. Plus, such modern schools will transform a neighbourhood completely because it offers a lot of activities to the whole community.

What’s your opinion on this? Would you like to send your child in a school like this?



2 Months Later, This Toddler Is Still Napping With His Puppy..

Beau is the kid who loves to take naps with his dog Theo. These adorable pictures will warm your heart and make you fall in love with both of them. They’ve been together from when beau was a little baby and they are basically growing bigger and bigger day by day.

Beau, the toddler and his dog love catching some shut-eye together. When did all this begin? It all started last Christmas. Jack and Zoe, the two older siblings asked Santa Claus in New Yok to give them a puppy that year.

However, there was one problem. Their NY apartment didn’t allow keeping a dog. Then, they decided to move out of the city so that they could have a dog. The next thing they did was visiting shelters to look for the perfect pup.

Finally, after a few weeks of searching, they fell in love with one puppy and named him Theo. Theo was loved by all of the members of the family. He got attention from the first day he arrived in their home. Shortly after they adopted him, he joined Beau’s daily naps.

That’s how the story began. One day, his mother took a picture and then we all fell in love with these pictures. Shyba now has 300,000 followers in her Instagram profile and these pictures warm our hearts.

Source: mommasgonecity.com (via)



The 15 Greatest Teachers In The World

At one point or another we were all impatient while waiting for the end of the school year. Luckily, there was always at least one teacher that kept our attention alert. Those teachers are worth remembering.

Teachers who are aware of children’s needs and know how to communicate with them, making the process of learning more fun and engaging. Thank you for making our days brighter.

Here’s an interesting way how to make students pay attention on what you say:

1.A student- mother brought her baby to class because she didn’t have any money to hire a babysitter. When the baby started crying, students were surprised when the teacher took the baby in his arms, calmed him down and continued with his lecture.

2.When the physics teacher wants to explain the properties of liquids. 

3. An art teacher will draw everything so that the students are motivated

4. A true mathematician will always find a way to draw a triangle

5. When a teacher keeps his word

6. When a teacher finds a way to keep the spirits up instead of getting mad

7. When the teacher is kitten lover you’ll have to share a classroom with abandoned kittens

8. Here’s how an astronomy teacher’s room looks like

9. Here is how you celebrate Pi Day

10. If you are a physics teacher, you need to be properly dressed when conducting an experiment

11. It’s the last day of school so let the kids go wild and express their creativity

12. You can fool this teacher in no way

13.This shows what’s more important than the conventions for this teacher.

14.Born ready to teach history.

15. The clock in the classroom during an exam