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25 Stunning Facts About The Finnish Educational System (This Is Why They Are One Of The Best)

The Finnish educational system is considered to be one of the finest systems in the world. Finland has managed to climb to the top of the lists when it comes to education in a period of around 40 years. This of course came with a lot of reforms in education which many countries now try to implement. It is a paradise on Earth both for students and teachers and this is by no accident.

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This is why we compiled a list of 25 amazing facts about the Finnish educational system that will surely justify Finland’s success worldwide.

1. Finnish children don’t start with formal education until the age of 7.

This is a very healthy decision, as most of our personality is being developed in our first 7 years of life and these years should be spent mostly with the family and the closest ones.(Source: NYTimes)

2. Children rarely or never take exams until they’re well into their teens.

Exams are known to be frustrating to prepare for and can be devastating for some children. They can play a very negative role in their motivation. Their absence is seen as a crucial factor for the children to feel free in finding their passion.(Source: NYTimes)

3. The children aren’t measured at all in their first six years of education.

“The first six years of education are not about academic success,” said Dr. Sahlberg. “We don’t measure children at all. It’s about being ready to learn and finding your passion.”(Source: NYTimes)

4. There is only one mandatory standardized test, which students take at the age of 16.

This exam is given at the end of the students’ senior year in high school.(Source: Smithsonian)

5. All children are taught in the same classroom, and the same way.

There is no division between clever and not-so-clever children. There are also classes for children with special educational needs.(Source: Smithsonian)

6. Finland spends 30% less per student than the US.

For a country that has a very high rate of high school and vocational school graduates (17,5% higher than the US), Finland spends approximately 30% less per student than the US. (Source: Smithsonian)

7. Nearly 30% of children receive some kind of special help in their first 9 years of school.

The schools are fully prepared to support any child that needs support in any way. (Source: Smithsonian)

8. 66 percent of students go on to higher education.

This is the highest rate in the European Union.(Source: Smithsonian)

9. The differences between the strongest and the weakest students are the smallest in the World.

This is the result of a recent survey done by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).(Source: Smithsonian)

10. Science classrooms are capped at 16 students.

This way, they can all participate equally in experiments in each lesson.(Source: TNR)

11. 93% of Finnish students graduate from high school.

Thanks to their fabulous education, almost all students graduate from high school. This is 17.5% more than students in the US.(Source: Smithsonian)

12. 43% of Finnish students go to vocational high schools.

There they prepare to work in restaurants, hospitals, construction sites and offices.(Source: Smithsonian)

13. Finnish elementary students get almost three times more recess than the US students.

To be exact, Finnish elementary students get 75 minutes of recess per day, while the American students get only 25. (Source: TNR)

14. Teachers spend only 4 hours a day in the classroom and are paid 2 hours a week for professional development.

This means a rested teacher who always works on increasing his/her knowledge.(Source: NYTimes)

15. Finland has the same amount of teachers as New York, but almost half the students.

To be exact, 600,000 students in Finland compared to 1,1 million students in NYC. The more the teachers, the more the individual attention the students can receive.(Source: NYTimes)

16. Finland’s schools are 100% state funded.

The people in the government agencies running them, from national officials to local authorities, are educators, not business people, military leaders or career politicians.(Source: Smithsonian)

17. All teachers must have a master’s degree, which is paid by the government.

“Teachers are required to earn a fifth-year master’s degree in theory and practice at one of eight state universities – at state expense.”(Source: Smithsonian)

18. The national curriculum provides broad guidelines, not prescriptions.

Teachers from all over the nation helped in building this curriculum. Every teacher has the liberty to adjust it and build it individually depending on the classes they teach, only by following the guidelines. (Source: Smithsonian)

19. The teachers are selected from the top 10% of the nation’s graduates.

The selected educators earn the required master’s degree in education. Studying pays a lot there! (Source: Smithsonian)

20. In 2010, 6,600 applicants vied for 660 primary school training slots

The interest for a teaching career in Finland is very big! (Source: Smithsonian)

21. The average starting salary for a teacher in Finland was $29,000 in 2008, which is lower than that in the US

The average starting salary for a US teacher is $36,000. (Source: NYTimes)

22. However, high school teachers in Finland with 15 years of experience make 102% of what other university graduates make

Compared to the US, where the figure is 62%, Finnish teacher receive 40% more. (Source: TNR)

23. There is no merit pay for teachers

The Finnish authorities have made teaching so appealing, that they have won the talent war without the need for any competitions in the profession.(Source: TNR)

24. Teachers are as respected as doctors or lawyers

With the mandatory 5 year master’s degree in education and their contribution to the country, teachers in Finland are regarded with high respect. (Source: Smithsonian)

25. According to the 2015 PISA scores, the Finnish nation is 5th in the World

These are the results from the 2015 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) scores. This puts Finland in the 5th place in the world with a score of 531 in science, 526 in reading and 511 in maths.

8 Ways to Burn Calories Fast at Home

Want to burn calories? Want to have a perfect body? Then you have just clicked the right link. In this page, you will be able to learn 8 easiest ways to reduce weight fast at home.

These steps are not that much costly and are easy to pull off. Thus you don’t have to worry anymore, you just have to follow the instructions. So let’s start right now.


It is said that around 60 calories of energy are burnt if u laugh at least 12-16 minutes per day. It may sound a bit weird but this is actually kills some weight. You won’t get the result overnight but gradually you will realize the fact that it actually works.

Lightly Eating

Since overeating results in more energy and weight, it is very important for you to eat lightly and maintain a balanced diet. You might look to reduce foods that contain high protein. You can look for food that may contain vitamin D.

Enough Sleep

Sleeping is one of the major facts in this case. People who sleep too much get lazy and become idle. As a result, they don’t move that much so their body stores much energy. Therefore we should sleep according to the need of our body.

No Late Night Eating

Late night eating is a very bad habit. People who eat late at night and go to bed right after dinner cause the energy of food store in the body. This creates overweight. So forbidding late night eating is a must. So without giving up late night eating you can’t imagine losing your weight.

Restriction on Sugar

This is one of the serious factors in this case. Extra sugar triggers insulin and that creates overweight. So you have to be aware of this factor.

Use of Fitness Equipment

Indoor physical exercise using fitness equipment contributes a lot to lose weight. In this case, you can use equipment like a rowing machine. With the help of this machine, you can exercise at home and kill weights by releasing calories from bodies. On the other hand, afford to get a rowing machine might be costly. Still, your body is more important than money. So, what are you waiting for?

Doing Household Chores

A lazy person will always become lazier. They remain workless and don’t sweat at all. So, they just gain weight. That’s why everyone should do some household chores whenever they are free. This also helps on bonding among family members.

Staying Busy

You’ll always find a busy man slim. If you remain busy and work hard, you will lose a lot of stamina. Therefore, you’ll lose your weight and get slim. By using this step, you will unintentionally get your job done. So, stick to this plan.


So, we can see that it is very easy to do this steps. People normally get excited and try to take many medicines and other shortcut ways but it they don’t know the harmful effects of it. So you should try these steps at home without taking any other risks.


8-Year-Old Boy Spent 2 Years Growing His Hair To Make Wigs For Kids With Cancer

There’s nothing more pure than a child’s soul in this cruel world full of difficult diseases. This saying was proven by the pure soul of the 8-year old Thomas Moore.

When he saw his mother watching a video on Facebook about a girl who had lost her hair to cancer, he got an idea. He started growing his hair out for children who had lost theirs to chemotherapy. He did that for two years.

As the pictures below are showing you, Thomas grew a significant amount of hair. Actually, by the time he was done the kid had enough hair for three wigs.

Then he cut it all off and his aunt, Amber Ray, posted a before-and-after photo on Twitter. Since then, the photo has been shared more than 57k times and liked by more than 110k people who were as astonished by this kid as we are. 

Thomas Moore came up with an incredible idea when he saw his mother watching a video on Facebook about a girl who had lost her hair to chemotherapy.

The almost 8-year-old Thomas Moore, decided to grow his hair, so he could help children who had lost their hair to chemotherapy

And he did what he intended

For two whole years!

He grew a pretty impressive amount of hair

With an incredible length!

By the time he was done, Thomas Moore had grown enough hair to make three whole wigs!

When he had his hair cut off, his aunt Amber Ray, shared his amazing project with the world on Twitter

Since then, his incredible heroic story was shared and liked on the social networks and shared all over the internet.  


38 Rare Historical Photographs You Must See

When we take photographs we actually intend to save the present moments. But have you ever thought that present moments which are captured to document the present, they in fact serve to witness the past?

Nowadays, capturing every photographic moment is a piece of cake thanks to the high tech. But this wasn’t the case in the past since cameras weren’t as common as they are today.

Photographs were only taken on significant and remarkable events. Many of these photos have become iconic shots years later after they endured the test of time and people could understand their value and historical meaning.

Today thanks to old photo restoration services we can restore the lost events and see the faces of people of those times.

Throughout the history, life has changed and things have changed a lot. If you ever thought that life is strange nowadays, you are just about to change your mind: weird things have always been happening.

There are so many unimaginable moments that happened over the years and this gallery is a witness of the oddest photos from the past. They are all genuine and each of them has captured a specific moment from the past.

I am sure that some of these preserved photographs will bring a smile on your faces. Enjoy your trip throughout the history:

1.London’s most miniature shop     
A shoe sales man with a 1.2 square meter shoe store, 1900

2. Advertisement for the anti- malaria drug  named Atabrine, Papua, New Guinea during WWII. 

3. Photo taken of Elvis Presley in the army. 

4. Beach patrols measuring the length of women’s bathing suits, 1920s. Women would be fined If they were too short.

5. A woman carrying her baby in a gas-resistant baby carriage.

6. A woman after committing suicide jumping from the 83rd floor of the Empire State Building and thus landing on a United National Limousine, 1947.

7. Turnips and Cabbage – Christmas dinner during Great Depression

8. Princeton students after a freshman vs. sophomores snowball fight in 1893

9. A hotel owner pouring acid in a pool while a black family swam in it in 1964

10. The morning when the Sweden changed from driving on the left side to driving on the right side, 1967 

11. The Brooklyn Bridge Painter, 1914

12. After unpacking, people posing next to the Statue of Liberty face, 1885

13. 27-year-old Charlie Chaplin, 1916

14. 106-year-old woman from Armenia guards her home with an automatic weapon

15. After successful mission in space, the chimp is posing with a newspaper, 1961

16. Happiness and pleasure on the Australian boy’s face after receiving new shoes during WWII

17. A woman using the suntan vending machine, 1949

18. A photograph of the original Ronald McDonald, 1963

19. Fuzzy ducklings used as a medical therapy for children 

20. Going over the Niagara falls in a barrel, Annie Edison Tayilor was the first person to survive, 1901

21. The crashing of Hindenburg, 1937

22.Hippopotamus pulling a cart, 1924

23. Painting the Eiffel Tower 

24. The Disneyland cafeteria for its employees, 1961

25. The leftovers of a ruined London bookstore damaged by an air raid in 1940

26. A little girl with artificial legs, 1890

27. Being a lifeguard in 1920  

28.  Mum and her son looking at the mushroom cloud following a nuclear test in Las Vegas.

29. An unknown soldier in Vietnam from 1965.

30. This photo captures the moment when a  soldier shared his banana with a goat during the battle of Saipan, Ca. in 1944.

31. Annette Kellerman promoting women’s rights for wearing one piece fitted swimming suit, 1907 the same later being arrested for indecency.

32. Bulletproof vests to be tested on humans, 1923

33. Martin Luther King removing a burned cross from his yard with his son in 1960

34. Walter Yeo, one of the first people to go through a skin transplant and developed plastic surgery, 1917

35. The shameful mum hiding her face after her disgraceful act of listing her children for sale in 1948

36. Berlin’s wall construction, 1961.

37. After London bombings, a little girl sitting and holding her doll in the ruins of her home, 1940.

38. The last inmates leaving Alcatraz in 1963.

Photos Capture Snow In Sahara Desert For First Time In 40 Years

Sahara – the Great Desert. Miles and miles of scorching temperatures and red sand. There are usually no clouds in the Sahara and it’s always blistering hot.

Like scene from a fairytale – that’s what the Sahara Desert looked like when snow covered its dunes for the first time in nearly 40 years.

The never-ending ocean of red sand of the largest hot desert on the planet was covered in powdery frosty snowflakes that lasted for less than a day; and we all got to see this amazing sight – snow in a desert!!! – thanks to Algerian amateur photographer Karim Bouchetata.

Mr. Bouchetata managed to capture these breathtaking moments of snow covering the Saharan sand in Algeria near Ain Sefra – the town which is also known as the Gateway to the Desert, on December 19th.

To be more precise, the snow fell in the northern end of the desert, near the Moroccan – Algerian border.

The sight is simply unbelievable, because it’s so rare. How often do we get to see snow frosting the curvy dunes of a desert?

According to reports, the last tiime it snowed in the Sahara Desert was in February 1979, when a brief snow storm hindered with traffic and covered the red dunes with lumps of short-lived snow.





30 Amazing Ideas That Will Make Your House Awesome

Are you dissatisfied of your current home?Are you in a lack of ideas for decoration? This might be the article that will change your life!

While some of us thrive in a silent and cozy library-like home, some want adventurous cartoon-themed homes.

Whether you are reminiscing for your childhood idols or you miss adventure in your life, we will help you with these exceptional ideas of how to turn your home into a space for creativity, fun and adventure.

Let your dreams become a reality and take some action to reorganize your living space. Improve your home by putting the courageous and bright colors you always wanted in your childhood and return into the innocent days when all you wanted was to swing and slide down all day long.

Incorporate your favorite childhood games and watch yourself shine from happiness every day. Embrace your fears and put some balcony pools or glass floors, and you will always surprise your guests.

Simple homes are not a thing anymore. Decorate your dream house with these lovely and brave ideas that will bring the childhood joy in you.

  1. Make your bed an aquarium

2. Turn your house into a living forest with a chandelier

3. Make a swing table as a dining room

4. Make a beach with sand under your working table

5. Make a spiral staircase slide

6. Make a cat transit system 7. Indoor and outdoor pool all in one

8. Make a glass floor with a scary look down 9. Dining and pool table all in one 10.Make a hammock bed

11. Stairs can become your storage

12. Turn your backyard into a live cinema 13. Turn your door into a ping pong table

14. Building wall can play music when it rains 15. Enjoy in a see-through bathtub

16. Make a vertical her garden in your apartment 17. Bookcase and staircase to help you find your favorite book 18. Turn your backyard into a beach-themed fire pit 19. Make a spiral wine storage 20. Turn your kid’s room into a treehouse 21. Make a pirate ship out of your bedroom 22. Make a walk-in pool 23. Swatches door 24. Adventurous hammock over the stairs 25. Turn your room into an ice cave 26.Turn your room into a skate park 27. Make a fire pit table 28. Enjoy this backyard office 29. Make your kids happy with this indoor slide 30. Make a table fire pit

This Is The Creepiest Thing About You According To Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: March 21st – April 19th

They cannot stop thinking about death. They even create little mind scenarios where they are hit by a car on the street while walking or driving or visualize objects falling on them on their way to work.

This fixation has become part of their everyday life and they don’t even realize they do it.

Taurus: April 20th – May 20th

There is a quiet stalker hiding in everyone nowadays. But, no zodiac sign stalks as much as the Taurus. They can spend their whole day stalking people on social media.

If they like someone, be sure they know everything they have posted on their Facebook and Instagram pages in the past year! And it doesn’t end there. Often, they would check the profiles of their friends, too.

Gemini: May 21st – June 20th

You can never fully trust a Gemini. They are experts in lying. Often, they lie without a special reason, just to see if people would believe them. If they want, they can fool anyone.

Cancer: June 21st – July 22nd

In relationships, Cancers completely dedicate themselves to their partners and even become obsessive. They invest a lot in their relationships, but are prepared to lose it all if their partner has betrayed them.

Leo: July 23rd – August 22nd

Leos often imagine their own death and funeral. They would picture the people who would come and who would be saddest about the event. In a way, this boosts their confidence, making them feel significant.

Virgo: August 23rd – September 22nd

Virgos are peculiar zodiac signs when it comes to things that turn them on. As soon as the nighttime comes, they start fantasizing about all the weird things that arouse them, often feeling a little guilty about it.

Libra: September 23rd – October 22nd

The oddest secret that a Libra can keep can be found in their web history. You can find some nasty things there – things that could easily be used as a reason to accuse them of criminal acts.  

Scorpio: October 23rd – November 21st

Scorpios often picture themselves as destroyers.  For example, they would think of how easy it would be to crush a plant or animal when seeing one.

Of course, they never do that, but they picture scenarios like this in their mind automatically.

Sagittarius: November 22nd – December 21st

Their heart is made of stone. A Sagittarius can watch the Titanic without feeling touched and they could witness a death scene and not be upset afterwards. Compared to the other zodiac signs, they are the least sentimental.

Capricorn: December 22nd – January 19th

Picturing and planning the funerals of their closest ones is a mental practice Capricorns often have. It is not that they want to see them dying, but they want to think about the events that would happen afterwards and the way they would deal with them.

Aquarius: January 20th – February 18th

They think about the funerals of their loved ones. Actually, they think about the things they would say during their funerals. Making up eulogies is like a creative exercise for them.

Pisces: February 19th – March 20<th


Their fantasies always include an attack, a fight scene, bad guys and a hero, who is the Capricorn himself/herself.

They picture themselves saving their colleagues when they work or their family when they watch TV at home. They always end up being the hero of their story.

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The Ultimate Guide That Will Guarantee Effective and Permanent Eradication of Acne

One of the most severe causes of worry for adolescent and youths equally, is Acne. The problem is so prevalent that a lot of people send a lot of resources and time to actually find out ways to get rid of acne quickly. 

Understanding the ways acne can be gotten rid of, was often shrouded in misconception years ago, but this is not the case today. With the breakthrough of scientific research, there are various surprising ways in which one can develop acne.

Poor Feeding Habit

An important thing to note is that an unhealthy skin can be traced to poor diet. How healthy the skin is, is connected to how ‘healthy’ the diet is. This is evident in most members of indigenous cultures that experience less acne outbreak, but the moment they begin feeding on the regular American diet, they undergo a dramatic rise in acne level.

This is pertinent to understand ways in which acne can be eradicated speedily.  Too much sugar consumption will increase the body’s insulin level, this specifically occurs in women. This leads to production of testosterone and invariably causes acne. And for everyone generally, there is always a possibility of acne outbreak if one consumes excessive processed and saturated fat, because it will compete with omega-3s in the body.

Interestingly, an increase of acne can occur as a result of consumption of milk chocolate because of the high sugar content. On other hand, dark chocolate is known to reduce acne.

Deficiency in Nutrition

Poor diets are always lacking in essential nutrients. Inadequate nutrient is a major cause of acne outbreak. The knowledge of proper diet is pertinent to understanding ways of eradicating acne.

Acne outbreak can occur as a result of inadequacies in essential nutrient like omega-3 fats, omega-6 fats and zinc. One way of reducing the swellings that is typical of acne outbreak is by taking supplements. Equally, topical vitamin B3 is also known to reduce acne.

One last point to note is that a low level of antioxidant and inadequate consumption of fruits and vegetables can cause acne.

Hormonal Imbalances

Having a hormonal imbalance can trigger drastic consequences, acne is one of them.   The glycemic content of one’s diet is the biggest cause of hormonal issue, that is how there is an increase in blood sugar level through food; this also affects the insulin level of the body.

Reduction of sugar intake and consumption of food rich in fibre and omega-3, will lessen insulin and particularly in women, it will decrease testosterone causing acne. This will assist in eradication of acne, and the levelling of hormones in the body.

Food Allergies

Another known cause of acne is delayed food allergies, Eggs, yeasts, dairy and eggs will likely affect people with leaky guts. Avoiding foods like that or taking probiotics can also rectify this situation. Probiotics can produce bacteria that would occupy spaces in the skin and supress chances of acne appearing. The knowledge of eradicating acne will lead to you knowing what to avoid.

The Brain

People rarely realize brain can also a big factor that contributes to the cause of acne. When people are under stressful condition, it easy for an acne outbreak to occur. Reason being that stress thrives in a condition that increases inflammation, this increase the level of cortisol and obstruct the acne inhibition components in the body.

Stress can also lead to poor dietary choices as it is possible that people will eat more foods to get rid of stress.  Ways in which stress can be controlled are through methods like biofeedback, yoga, massages, meditation, aromatherapy, sauna, exercise and many more.

How to Cure Acne Quickly

To find out how to get rid of acne fast,  you have to search for the correct products that will produce effective results, where consumption of healthier diet is lagging. There are numerous products that aim to tackle acne, but similar properties can be found in the most effective ones. So, seven most  effective ingredients and products exist, they will actively eliminate acne and return your self-confidence.

Delay is not an option, it is important to act fast when it comes to eradicating acne.

Benzoyl Peroxide

This is a compound known to combat bacteria; it is one of the most common ingredients in acne cleanser, lotions and cream. If used properly, it can become very effective in eradicating acne together with other skin infections.

The normal prescribed amount is between 2.5% and 10%.  Minor forms of acne will react better to lower percentage dosage meanwhile moderate to extreme cases will need 5-10% concentration.

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is a common skin condition treatment, and it can also be used to combat warts, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, calluses, corn and more.

Beta hydroxyl is the basic ingredient; it is produced from the bark of willow trees. It can be found in ointment, shampoo, toner and cream. Why this ointment is effective in treating acne is that it clears the dead skin cells, therefore exfoliating the skin. In that process, fresh skin cell  is being produced by the body, these new cell clears away the old skin cell.

Glycolic Acid

As a known alpha hydroxyl acid, glycolic acid is a common ingredient used in acne treatment product. It goes deep into the skin cell and soften the skin’s appearance by decreasing old and dead skin cell. It functions as anti-aging ingredient.

Products that contain alpha hydroxyl acids as the major ingredient have 5-20%. If you are looking for ways to eradicate acne, it is important to note this.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a popular gel that originates from plants, it is known to sooth burns and other wounds. The best time to use this ingredient is the period of inflammation of acne. This might not diminish or eradicate it immediately but what it will do is to fasten the healing process and decrease the redness.  The usage of the ingredient is by applying the aloe vera directly to a washed affected area.


Sulfur is one of the most commonly used choice for eliminating acne because it can refresh the cells, and that will boost speedy healing from acne. It is an important content in so many exfoliating products made for acne-prone people.

Another reason this product is preferable is that it has the features of mild antibacterial. Acne is caused by bacteria and the inflammation is responsible for the influx of pimples and blackhead with whitehead. Sulfur is known to decrease chances of acne outbreak in future.


Azelaic Acid

One way of effectively eradicating acne is the use of Azelaic acid; it is used for soothing the painful effect of acne. It diminishes the harmful effect of bacteria by eliminating the bacteria that is responsible for acne outbreak.

Alpha Hydroxyl Acids

This is one of the most popular anti-aging element, it is known to give a more useful and attractive appearance. It is a major ingredient in cosmetics because it does magic in skin care.  It is used to describe a group of different acids that originate from different places; it can be from fruit, milk or sugar.

Another type of alpha hydroxy acid is originates from milk, It is called lactic acid. They are also regarded as citric and fruit acids. Their effectiveness have outlasted centuries, the female folks have been known to use lemon juice to bleach their freckles. 

Summarily, this group of acid can eliminate acne overnight.

Children Read Books To Traumatized Shelter Dogs To Help Rehabilitate Them

This animal shelter proves that the power of the word and of genuine emotion is the key to every situation – in this case helping traumatized dogs to rehabilitate.

The Humane Society of Missouri have created the Shelter Buddies Reading Program to help the traumatized dogs waiting for adoption to rehabilitate and gain bigger chances of adoption. This program involves children aged 6-15 reading to the dogs after a 90 minute training, in which they learn to recognize anxiousness among the dogs by reading their body language.

The children are allowed to bring their favorite book or they can choose one from the shelter’s library which contains more than 100 animal books. They can come any day of the week during designated hours and stay for as long as they like.The effects of the program can be seen immediately; all of the dogs show interest and bond with the children. This bonding helps them to overcome the feelings of loneliness and fear, which are the main reasons for the trauma they are going through. All in all, this is going to be one shelter with a lot of happy dogs ready to bring cheer to their new homes!

The animals are not the only ones who gain a lot from this program, as the children get to experience some of the most important feelings and traits needed for their development.

Most importantly, the children develop empathy, they build greater self-confidence and they improve their reading skills (which is something the new generations tend to overlook in the process of growing). You can read more about the benefits of reading here and, yes, add reading to pets to that list!

This is why the interest for this program is very big. In fact, you can’t get a spot until February 4 (and February 12 at the other shelter), as all the spots are already reserved.

The training and the opportunity for such a wonderful experience comes with a fee of only $5, which serve to help the shelters provide food, care and more shelter for homeless animals. You can reserve a spot here.

Tell us if you know anyone who has attended this program! Would you do the same?

Spread this message and tell your nearby animal shelters to start doing this, if they haven’t!


Why Nikola Tesla Was The Greatest Geek Who Ever Lived

Today’s world would have been totally different if it weren’t for this genius mind- Nikola Tesla.

Nikola Tesla VS. Thomas Edison

Source: TheOatMeal