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George Michael Secretly Gave Millions To Charity Throughout His Life. Here Is The List:

Last year was very harsh, a lot of famous people left this world. One of these famous people who passed away was the British musician George Michael. He ironically celebrated his last Christmas (the title of his famous hit ‘Last Christmas’) and passed away on December 25th, 2016.

Only after his death we learned how generous he was. George Michael had spent milions in order to help those in need: orphans, the homeless, the sick and evern strangers who experienced some kind of misfortune.

A selection of stories about his incredible generosity has been put together. The stories come from those who bore witness to his actions of kindness or  personally know the singer.

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/

Researchers Have Accidentally Made Batteries That Could Last 400 Times Longer

Science never ceases to amaze us. With each passing day, there are discoveries that hold the potential to change the way we live and think. Some of these discoveries are the result of years of research, others come about completely by accident. Whichever the case, these innovations are a great leap towards a better future for all mankind.

Researchers from the University of California-Irvine have managed to develop a battery that could last up to 400 times longer than any other battery available on the market.

The weird thing is: the discovery was completely accidental. The researchers were trying to find an alternative to lithium, whose liquid state helps conduct charge but is, at the same time, highly combustible and sensitive to temperature.

Their nanowire-based battery material can be recharged hundreds of thousands of times, which means we are one step closer to having batteries that would never require replacement. Awsome, right?

By using gold nanowires to store electricity, the scientists found that their newly developed system could cycle through 200,000 recharges without any significant corrosion or decline. These results are jaw-dropping even thought the research is still in its early stages and a lot more needs to be done.

What is most astounding, is the fact that they bassically stumbled upon this amazing discovery. What they wanted to make in the first place was a solid-state battery that uses electrolyte gel instead of liquid to help it hold charge.

According to study leader, UCI doctoral candidate Mya Le Thai, they coated a gold nanowire in a manganese dioxide shell and encased the assembly in an electrolyte made of a Plexiglas-like gel.

Mya was playing around, and she coated this whole thing with a very thin gel layer and started to cycle it,” said Penner, chair of UCI’s chemistry department.

“She discovered that just by using this gel, she could cycle it hundreds of thousands of times without losing any capacity.”

“That was crazy,” he added, “because these things typically die in dramatic fashion after 5,000 or 6,000 or 7,000 cycles at most.”

“The coated electrode holds its shape much better, making it a more reliable option,” Thai said.

“This research proves that a nanowire-based battery electrode can have a long lifetime and that we can make these kinds of batteries a reality.” 

In a nutshell, this new design allowed batteries to have 97% capacity after 1.000 cycles of charging and discharging. However, due to the high price of gold, the scientists state that nickel could be the perfect substitute for gold for mass production.

The discovery could lead to the development of batteries that could last forever so you never have to worry about recharging your laptops, phones and anything else that requires batteries to run.

According to the official announcement, the study was conducted in coordination with the Nanostructures for Electrical Energy Storage Energy Frontier Research Center at the University of Maryland, with funding from the Basic Energy Sciences division of the U.S. Department of Energy.


10 Things You Didn’t Know About Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was widely known as the father of the modern age. He is most famous for his  inventions of the alternating current (AC), wireless technology, television and the radio, and robotics, among other important things.

Tesla was born to a Serbian family in Yugoslavia, in the now Croatian village of Smiljan. He moved to the United States at the age of 28 with only a few pennies in his pockets and managed to become one of the most influential scientists in the world.

Tesla managed to create a lot of inventions and he invested the money he earned from those inventions in creating new ones. He didn’t really care much about money, he lived in hotels in New York and he died poor and alone. He once said that he didn’t have anything against people claiming his inventions as their own as long as they served for the good of humanity.

There are a lot of stories surrounding his life and work, but these 10 things are something you probably haven’t heard of before.

  1. Tesla cared a lot about the environment

Tesla was concerned about people’s dependency on natural resources that were not renewable, such as coal, oil and the most dangerous one – nuclear power. He saw the destructiveness in the process as not only being unsustainable resource-wise, but also destructive to the environment. That was the main reason why he was trying to perfect the use of the abundant natural resources, such as air, water and the electricity of the Earth that was abundant and untouched.

You can read his article, Our Future Motive Power, which talks a lot about it.

  1. Tesla was born during a summer lightning storm

Tesla was born “at the stroke of midnight” during a summer lightning storm. The midwife made a comment that he would be “a child of the storm”, to which his mother replied “No, of light”. They were both right.

  1. Tesla was a humanist

He believed in improving the quality of life through better education and living conditions. He saw ignorance, insanity and religious fanaticism as the “frictional forces which impede progress”. He was also a strong opponent of the countries’ tendencies to spend more on war than on education. This inspired him to take a stand against war with his invention that would end all war – ‘the Teleforce’.

In short, he saw all the unnecessary investments in destructive power as enemies to humanity.

  1. Tesla thought of smartphone technology in 1901!

Tesla was able to envision the 21st century long before it began. In fact, he talked of a system that could collect information, encode it and broadcast it to a hand-held device. This idea came to him while developing the transantlantic radio and it is very similar to today’s mobile internet on our phones.

  1. He had his own mind lab

Tesla had a very strong and precise eidetic memory. Not only could he recall whole books in great detail, but he could also create whole designs and constructions in his mind, which he later used to develop his new inventions. The results he got in his mind while imagining the inventions were incredibly accurate. This meant a lot less physical efforts in achieving results!

  1. The US Government seized and classified Tesla’s stuff after his death

When Tesla died, the Office of Alien Property seized all of Tesla’s documents and schematics and kept them classified. While most of his possessions were later returned to his family or donated to the Tesla Museum in Belgrade, some are still missing, as they remain classified to this day.

  1. Tesla may have had insomnia and OCD

Tesla claimed that he needed only “about one and one-half hours a night” of sleep. He said that “Time spent in sleep is lost time”. He said that there were so many things to do, he didn’t want to spend time sleeping needlessly. This, though, might point to insomnia.

Tesla was also obsessed with the number 3, or in fact with the numbers 3, 6 and 9. He once said: “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.”

Of course, this does not point to any kind of OCD, but he was obsessed with any number dividable by 3. For example, he cleaned his dining room with 18 napkins before eating his dinner. He also detested jewelry, especially pearls, round objects and touching hair.

  1. Tesla and Edison were not enemies

Despite the popular claim that Edison was Tesla’s arch nemesis, the fact is that they had worked together in designing direct current generators before Tesla left Edison to pursue his dream of the alternating current induction motor.

That’s when they became rivals. Edison made a lot of efforts to put a halt to Tesla’s alternating current, and these involved traveling shows in which he electrocuted elephants with Tesla’s AC.

  1. Tesla made Mark Twain crap his white suit

One of the popular anecdotes about Nikola Tesla was about when he made Mark Twain leave a remarkable stain on his white suit. As all other men who wanted to brag with their ‘new toys’, Tesla was no exception.

After Mark Twain’s complaints about his “recurring bouts of constipation”, Tesla offered him to try out his newest “vibrating humming oscillating metal disc” which he claimed to have “imparted vitality.”

Although the sensation was amazing for Twain, Tesla warned him to step off the platform at a given moment, which he ignored – the following went into history as Mark Twain’s crapped white suit.

  1. You can get free WiFI from Tesla

The Tesla Statue in the Silicon Valley was an idea which originated with Northern Imagination and was backed by 722 people. It was unveiled on December 7, 2013 and it is famous for two things:
– It provides free WiFi signal and
– It contains a time capsule to be opened on January 7, 2043.

We Fall In Love With 3 Loves in Your Our Life – The Three Loves Theory

3 loves in life

There’s nothing quite like falling in love. Nothing as intense, as consuming. That rush of emotions, that detachment from reality.

Love can take many forms. It can hide around every corner, driven by passion, attraction, and chemistry, or it can be fleeting like summer rain.

Love can shift into a habit. It can happen at a later stage or it can happen very early on in our lives.

These are all but forms of love, each of which prepares us for that ultimate, life-changing, life-altering – love.

To reach that ultimate, cathartic love, the one that many refer to as a lifetime love, we have to go through love’s stages, and everyone who hasn’t had the luck to fall in love with the right person from the start has lived to have three types of love: the first one that makes us do foolish things, the second one that makes us work hard for it, and the third one that doesn’t need a special reason to succeed. This is the so called The Three Loves Theory!  (1)

The First Love

This is the love you would die for. This love is romantic, even dramatic at times. You think this is the love that would last forever, no matter how many people are against it or what comes on your way. You would do anything to save it.

In this relationship, even your own principles become unimportant because you are certain that this is it until you grow up. You have found love and you’re not giving up on it. Then there is the type of love that makes you grow.

The Second Love

The Second Love

Out of the three loves in life, this one makes you learn more about yourself than the other person in the relationship. You realize that you want to have someone by your side whom you can trust and who you can love. But you learn this the hard way – often through heartache and dishonesty.

In this love, both of you make mistakes and forgive. This is repeated again and again, sometimes for years until you get tired and give up, no matter how much effort you have put into it.

This love is passionate, but also dramatic and that’s why you have kept waiting for the happy end. But somehow, the end is always worse than you expected.

This experience made you stronger, but it also brought you back to reality and made you realize that love doesn’t always have a happy ending. It made you realize that love is not always Cloud 9, rather, it’s a lesson that old habits die hard and that you can’t force love because you’ll be spinning in circles.

The Third Love

The Third Love

Is the one that comes in the time when you want it and expect it the least.

It’s the love that happens out of the blue and that makes you do everything you have said you would never do. You didn’t plan for this love and that’s what makes it even stronger and more passionate.

It’s the love that just seems right. In everything – the connection you have, the support they provide for you, the way they make you smile… You don’t have to act perfectly in front of this person – the way you are is enough. They accept you with all your flaws.

You never imagined you would be with this type of person, but you’re happy and you wouldn’t change them.

You learned that love isn’t always how we imagine it and that’s okay. You don’t have to wait for the happy end now because at the end of every day you fall asleep happy since you’re with them.

Some people meet the perfect person early and don’t experience all of these loves. Others aren’t ready for the right love and miss it, only to find someone who is a perfect fit for them later.

And there are some who needed to experience the same type of love several times because they have hoped that every new relationship is different from all the others.

We cannot know who is the luckiest one. Whether it’s better to find the perfect love from the start or to have all of the three types of love in your lifetime. But it’s true that people who have had the three loves are stronger.

They know what heartache is, and they have learned what it is to try and fail. Their relationships have made them fearless in love and in life.

It all comes down to our choices – if we decide to keep looking for what we want or not. It’s your choice if you will stay with your first or second love because of what other people might say or because of the effort you have already put.

But only the people who were brave enough to get to the third love know if it was worth it. And it often is because it’s this love that never tires you and shows you what was wrong with the other two.

Out of the three types of love, THIS is the love that doesn’t ask for hard work, but it gives you everything you have always wanted. It’s the love that just fits. It’s the love that stays forever.

What’s the best gifts for the one you love

Caring about what your loved one cares about shows how much your love means to you. However, we may worry that a normal gift will cost too much or be too ordinary to express your love. It’s suggested to make some customized products.

Personalized lapel pin: Unique custom pins are inexpensive, but high quality, creative and innovative. Pin the pins on the clothes, that is the closest place to centrifugal, to convey your love from time to time.

Challenge coins custom: Custom challenge coins express honor in eternity, as does the relationship between you and your loved one. You can turn a group photo, name, and date into a challenge coin.

Custom Challenge Coins

How Long Does It Take To Fall In Love

We all have three loves in life, and many have experienced them all.

What Is love?

Is it just a chemical reaction of the brain and then when it wears off, it’s just an old, worn-off habit?

Or is it an emotion that defines who we are and what decisions we make in life, infinitely connected to that one soul that moves and understands ours?

I guess love is all those things at a different stage and with a different intensity. Sometimes it’s that rush of intensity at irregular intervals, and sometimes it’s a constant inflow of feelings towards a person that makes you a better version of yourself.

You feel the beginning of something; you are just still unable to put it in words and explain it. That’s because you are confused. It’s new. You are clueless.

You want to deny that you are beginning to feel something. It’s just an infatuation, you think. But how long before it turns into something bigger, larger, more significant?

How Long Does It Take For Those Real Feelings To Start Kicking In?

It depends on many factors. The issue is not in how quickly or intensely you feel those emotions, it’s in recognizing whether those feels are the real deal, not just pure physical attraction and desire, which can feel very much like true love at the very beginning.

What Factors Come Into Play When Dealing With Matters Of The Heart?

Your Relationship History

People are as good as their experiences, right? People who’ve been hurt in the past are not likely to dive into new relationships very fast, nor be willing to meet new people.

People who have never been in a relationship are also less likely to fall in love quickly. This is similar to people who don’t want to be in a relationship. They may be reluctant to give someone a chance even if they are interested because a relationship would not go in line with their current goals.

People who’ve suffered infidelity, are specifically hard to fall in love. They have trouble trusting people for one, and they are more likely to not open up in front of someone they just met and in hopes of protecting themselves from feeling pain again, they push the other person away.

A lot of our past burdens pre-determine our behavior and extend the time we need to fall in love.


This is very much connected to your relationship history. The older a person, the longer it takes to fall in love.

You probably think you already went through all three loves in life, and you are now disappointed. Or maybe it was the ego that broke the deal.

Or maybe that third, final love hasn’t still knocked on your door yet and as time goes by, you just don’t know it yet.

You have your guard up; you are on to people’s true intentions and you are tired of playing games. This too influences how long will it take you to fall in love. After all, you are wiser, better at reading people, and tired of playing that hot and cold game.


While we just need an hour of alone time with literally anyone to feel attraction, research also states that it takes very little time to fall in love.

A survey by Mail Online found that men take an average of 88 days to utter those 3 words, while women will take a little longer – 134 days.

This is to say that when a new relationship kicks off, men fall in love potentially sooner than women when they are in love.

Women, for the fear of being played, usually take longer to let their guards down and to admit it to themselves.

Most people think of saying the words I love you long before they actually say them, but deep down in them, they also feel the urge to confess their burning feels.

Your Personality Mindset

Being eager to find a partner will make you more open to meeting new people and giving them a chance.

People who want to be in a relationship will likely fall in love faster than those who cherish individuality. Some people are just not afraid to be single; they are unconfined by the norms of society.

Similarly, people who’ve had a tough childhood and are children of divorced parents may not be as eager to let a new person in.

They are more prone to focusing on flaws and imperfections, so much so that their shield from the outer world will prevent them from falling in love effortlessly, without much inspection or analysis.

Similar worldviews.

Even if someone catches our attention, if they are not in line with our visions, goals, and passions, that infatuation will be short-lived.

Apart from having a positive mindset and an overlapping timing where both of you are ready for a relationship, similar worldviews are also very important.

In fact, they are the makers and the breakers of a bond like a seed you plant in the soil. You plant it so when the time comes, you can reap the crops and enjoy their juicy taste, right? But to reap delicious crops, you first need to plant good seeds.

It’s the same with worldviews.

A Mix And Match 

3 loves in life

Physical attractions, temporal chemistry that makes us feel like we’ve never been hit by Cupid’s arrow as hard as up til now, and the brain’s firing of neurochemicals can sometimes trick us into thinking we’ve fallen in love for someone.

But those are merely tricks our brain pulls on us when bored.

The truth about love is broken down into a trifocal. You fall in love three times. Our three loves in life teach us what we need to know about love before we settle down. It’s a universal truth.

Our experiences for love and the three loves theory may be radically different, but they all boil down to that crazy love that makes you lose your sanity, the one that teaches you a lesson for a lifetime, and the one that heels you and sets your soul at peace.

Now, the average time it takes to fall in love varies from person to person.

Love is intrinsic, personal, and subjective, hence it’s difficult to measure scientifically. For some, falling in love will take days, years, for others.

It’s a matter of right timings and positive attitudes. It’s a matter of letting go of the past that holds you in its claws, and a matter of admitting to ourselves that what we feel is genuine and won’t go away. 

Love is a matter of hormones playing twist in our head and a matter of habits that make us feel safe, accepted, and loved, but mostly, it’s a combination of factors that happened to overlap. 

It is inevitable that the time necessary to fall in love, although a phenomenon that to this day mystifies neuroscientists, will vary from person to person because we all have different life paths that determine our understanding of love and how we approach relationships.

Doctors Explain How Hiking Actually Changes Our Brains!

It might seem as such a cliché to say that exercising is important, but now, it is scientifically proven that hiking in nature can actually change our brain!

And the best part is that it doesn’t take too much time or energy, so even people who are overweight or too busy, don’t have any excuses not to do it on a regular basis, as it can truly make a positive difference in everyone’s life!

No more obsessive thoughts and stress!

A study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that spending time in nature significantly decreases negative and obsessive thoughts.

Namely, when we are hiking in a rural environment, we have the opportunity to reconnect with nature, to be present in the moment and to clear our minds. Constant worry and stress can lead to depression, anxiety, ADHD and many other mental illnesses.

However, doctors claim that if we spend at least 150 min. per week in nature we can change our thoughts and behavior in a positive way even when we get back to working or other everyday activities. 

Moreover, another study, conducted by psychologists Ruth Ann Atchley and David L. Strayer showed that creative problem solving can be drastically improved by both disconnecting from technology and reconnecting with nature.

The participants in the study were hiking in nature for 4 days and they were not allowed to use any kind of technology during the experiment.

They were asked to perform tasks which require creative thinking and complex problem solving and the results of the study showed that the participants’ abilities when performing on problem solving tasks improved by 50%. 

Constant urban noise combined with technology can lead to poor cognitive functions, while a long hike without any technology can soothe the mind and boost creative thinking, while lowering stress levels.

Hiking reduces ADHD symptoms in children and boosts brainpower!

Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is becoming more and more common among children every day. Due to “over consuming” technology and fast paced life, many children are suffering from lack of concentration and focus, they get distracted easily and they exhibit excessive hyperactivity. 

Many parents turn to drugs as a solution, but the problem can also be solved by spending more time in nature according to a study conducted by Frances E Kup, PhD, and Andrea Faber Taylor, PhD.

Namely, exposing children to “green outdoor activities” significantly decreases the symptoms of ADHD, children exhibit less impulsive behavior and they are able to focus more on given tasks. 

Furthermore, hiking is also linked to increasing the hippocampal volume — the part of the brain associated with spatial and episodic memory, thus improving and preventing memory loss. 

Hiking promotes feelings of well being and it boosts weight loss!

That is right! A study conducted by researchers from the University of British Columbia showed that hiking reduces stress and anxiety, boosts self esteem and helps release endorphins (the happy hormones).

Moreover, this type of aerobic exercise is an excellent way to lose 400-700 calories depending on the hike difficulty and your weight. So not only will you lose weight, you will also feel happier and better about yourself! 

Other benefits from hiking are:

  • It boosts the metabolism
  • It prevents diabetes
  • It strengthens bones and improves bone density
  • It prevents cardiovascular diseases
  • It increases energy levels
  • It lowers the risk of cancer
  • It relieves back pain
  • It provides us with the daily dose of vitamin D, due to sun exposure 
  • It tones the muscles
  • It prevents and even cures insomnia

For these and many other benefits, it is highly suggested to make hiking a part of your daily routine! Even if you don’t have the time to do it every day, just try downloading some map applications on you phone so that you can find various trails around your home and hike as much as you can.

Doing it even once or twice a week will do a positive change in your life!

So go ahead, forget about technology and social media for awhile, take a hike and feel the positive difference!


20 Photographs That Show What It Means To Be A Real Dad

No one has to tell you that when you become a father, you life is forever changed. When a man is embracing his little baby in his arms for the first time, his entire life is turned upside down. Obviously, things will never be the same again as they used to be.

Apart from the emotional Giant Dipper, he now has an enormous responsibility to look after the life of a newborn human being, and he doesn’t often know how to do it and how to deal with it. No one said that being a good father was going to be easy.

But, a good father never gives up. He manages to do all the things needed. The following photos prove this delightful, convincing truth: dads can do it!

Dad picks up his baby for the first time.

Dad embraces his child to keep it warm
while the baby’s mom recuperates after the birth.

Daddy shows his kindhearted love.

Dad performs a VIP concert exclusively for his baby.

Dad doesn’t feel embarrassed. Why would he feel?

Dad lets his baby play with whatever the baby wants.

Dad knows what a real fun is and he is not afraid to be laughed at.

Dad will do anything to make his kid have fun.

Dad knows how to get his baby to sleep.

And dad can do it anywhere, and any time.

If necessary, he can do it even while working.

Dad can teach the best, by being an example.

Dad knows that to be the best dad in the world
you don’t have to be the child’s genetic father.

Dad simply knows how to make his baby smile.

Dad will let his son do anything that makes him happy.

Literally, anything at all!

Dad knows how much his baby is waiting for him
to come back home from work.So he always tries to get back as early as possible.And at the end, a real dad is never ever afraid to utter, I love you!.

Abortion: Some of the Known Home Remedies

Giving birth to a child is the happiest moment of a married life, though one must prepare itself for such a big job. Unwanted pregnancy at the unwanted stage of life may lead a couple to think of abortion.

But, abortion is a crime from a human perspective. Thus, what people generally tend to do is choose the path of home remedies instead of using surgical methods to get your child aborted.

If you’re going through the same phase of your life, and are searching for best home remedies then you must continue reading the full article below:

Following are some home remedies for abortion that you must know!

1. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a relief solution to your body as it helps you release the held energy in your body. The basic idea of using acupuncture is to help you remove the foreign substances from your body. You get magnificent and quick healing results.

Why shouldn’t a pregnant woman use acupuncture?

Doctor’s advice a pregnant woman not to go for acupuncture because it makes your hormone strong, and while delivery, these hormones can make it difficult for a doctor to expel the baby. Thus, this is a natural home remedy for abortion.

2. Evening Primrose Oil

This oil particularly extracted from the seed of its plant. Thus, making it useful in different ways. It is considered to have good health benefits.

The evening primrose oil can be of advantage and disadvantage to a pregnant woman as well. It helps you avoid high blood pressure, less your delivery pain and prevents late delivery too. But, at the same moment, it can lead to abortion too.

If you plan for abortion using this way, you must use this oil at the cervix and give a gentle massage for sufficient period, and also you must intake the oil as a pill too.

But, you must meet your doctor before taking any step.

3. Sesame Seeds

Consumption of sesame seeds in two different ways can act as a home remedy for abortion. The following ways are:

Method 1:

All you need is a handful of sesame seeds and some water.

How to use?

Take some water and pour it into the bowl. Make sure that you put a handful of sesame seeds into the bowl. After that, you need to leave the mixture for overnight and let it come to normal room temperature. Once you’re finished with this task, you can intake the mixture the next morning.

Method 2:

You require a large tablespoon of fried sesame seeds and one teaspoon of honey.

How to use?

You need not worry at all. Follow some simple steps mentioned here to get quick results:

  1. Take fried sesame seeds along with the honey.
  2. Intake both the ingredients together.

This method can take you to safe abortion.

After going through these home remedies for abortion in early pregnancy, you may found the answer of some of your questions. However it is always better to meet your doctor for the same.

How we can solve homework problems

Last day I created with another youngster who is bombarding in school since he doesn’t complete his work. He sat over the work zone from me in my office and uncovered to me he consumes through seven hours a day in school and feels he’s “contribute his vitality.”

Homework is an uncalled for weight to drive on top of his troublesome day in school, he says. Or, then again potentially he uncovered to me he has the best of points each day when he returns home from school anyway he can’t constrain himself to open his books.

Or, then again, since this is a composite picture and it’s not just young fellows I work with, perhaps it was a young woman who revealed to me that she’s too much gotten up to speed with completing things partners and doesn’t see the hugeness of homework.

Or, on the other hand maybe she has an occupation after school, which gives her both satisfaction and consuming through money yet forsakes her little time to spend on schoolwork.

Or, then again perhaps the young lives in a family where guideline is not regarded, or where it’s censured, or where the understudy is required to help with kid care or housekeeping and, afresh, has no time for homework.

Failure to do homework drives understudies to crash and burn classes, fizzle assessments, and in the end to drop out of school. I might need to propose a clear response for the homework issue.

Here’s the way it would work. We know most auxiliary schools in the Bound together States track understudies: They offer proficient tracks, school preparatory tracks, general preparing tracks, and regards tracks.

A couple of schools even track inside tracks (by offering high and low school prep classes, for example). I propose we incorporate one more track: a no-homework track. For assistance with assignment for architecture, use this site /architecture-help.html to do his homework.

In this track, understudies would not be alloted homework. In order to pass their classes, they basically would need to go to them reliably and finish the in-class assignments. In case they required help with those assignments, the teacher – or distinctive understudies – would be there to help them.

Evidently, classes without homework would not have the ability to cover a comparative measure of material in a comparative measure of time.

That issue could be grasped by adding greater chance to the no-homework track, either by adding a fifth year to optional school or by having no-homework-track understudies go to summer school for each late spring they’re in auxiliary school.

What are the upsides of this game plan? Here are a couple:

⦁              It would end the homework wars. Watchmen could never again need to fight with their adolescents about completing their work. To be sure, gatekeepers could request that their youngsters be placed in the no-homework track as a way to deal with keep up a key separation from those battles perfect from the start.

⦁              Teachers could never again need to pooch understudies about homework. If homework issues twisted up perceptibly perpetual, teachers could basically propose to understudies that they were set in the wrong track and welcome them to make a meeting with the course educator to request a trade.

A no-homework track would similarly free understudies from the heaviness of concocting novel explanations behind what happened to their homework and why they fail to hand it in.

⦁              Teachers could more eagerly deal with the understudies’ getting of capacities. They could similarly give elective learning or execution techniques. They could fuse examination aptitudes with classes before exams and show kids particular ways to deal with consider.

For understudies who encounter trouble sitting down and scrutinizing a book, they could have them tune into the books on tapes or have them examined parts of books and after that watch movies. For understudies who require help with forming papers, the assistance would be there.


Research Suggests Being Lazy Is A Sign Of High Intelligence

New research appears to demonstrate the hypothesis that brainy individuals invest more energy lazing around than their dynamic partners.

Discoveries from a US-based review appear to bolster individuals with a high IQ get exhausted less effortlessly, driving them to invest more energy for thinking.    

Also, dynamic individuals might be more physical as they have to animate their psyches with outer exercises, either to get away from their considerations or in light of the fact that they get exhausted rapidly.

Scientists from the Florida Gulf Coast University gave a great test – going back three decades – to a gathering of understudies.

The ‘requirement for insight’ poll requested that members rate how emphatically they concur with proclamations, for example, “I truly appreciate an undertaking that includes coming up with new answers for issues”, and “I just think as hard as I need to”.

The scientists, led by Todd McElroy, then chose 30 “thinkers” and 30 ‘non-thinkers’ from the pool of candidates who undergo the research.

Throughout the following seven days both gatherings wore a gadget on their wrist which followed their developments and action levels, giving a steady stream of information on how physically dynamic they were.

The result from the research showed that the thinking group was far less dynamic during that week than the non-thinkers group.

The discoveries of the review, distributed in the Journal of Health Psychology, were portrayed as “highly significant” and “robust” in factual terms.

In any case, the ends of the week demonstrated no contrast between the two gatherings, something which has not possessed the capacity to be clarified.

Analysts recommended the discoveries could loan weight to the possibility that non-thinkers get exhausted all the more effortlessly, so need to fill their time with physical movement.

In any case, the drawback to being brainier – and lazier – cautioned Mr McElroy, was the negative effect of an inactive way of life.

He proposed that the less dynamic individuals, regardless of how cunning they are, ought to plan to raise their general action levels to enhance their wellbeing.

The British Psychological Society cited the review, saying: “Ultimately, an important factor that may help more thoughtful individuals combat their lower average activity levels is awareness.”

Familiarity with their inclination to be less dynamic, combined with a consciousness of the cost related with inertia, more astute individuals may then turn out to be more dynamic for the duration of the day.

The review also included that in spite of highlighting a strange pattern, summing up the discoveries ought to be finished with alert because of the little example of members

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6 Natural Ways To Treat Rashes In Infants And Toddlers

Babies remain susceptible to various rashes that become visible on their delicate skin. These can be prevented if you choose the best cloth diaper for wrapping around them. Some traditional treatments for these skin-related disorders are inclusive of antibiotics, steroids, and other treatments.

These mainstream methods have the ability to clear the rashes effectively. However, innate remedies must be given preference because they do not give birth to ill-effects. Also, their application has a soothing effect on the newborns and helps in comforting them.

Moreover, their application is cost-saving as they require the use of basic ingredients that are readily available, at nominal costs, on your visit to the convenience stores. However, it is advised to consult the medical practitioners before applying herbs or oils on the infants.

Some of the rashes that affect newborns are thrush, eczema, diaper rash, and cradle cap.

In the following details, we have listed six natural treatments for rashes that inflict babies.

  1. Oatmeal

You can apply the oatmeal remedy if your little one has developed cradle car or diaper rash. The former arises as a result of the oil glands being over-productive and is identifiable by the appearance of scaly flakes on the newborn’s scalp. The latter is normally caused due to dampened skin and is characterized by reddened skin.

This treatment entails adding 1/3 cup of the organic variety of oatmeal in a blender for obtaining its powdered form. After that, the prepared powder should be mixed with ¼ cup of water. Follow by applying the paste to the afflicted area, and leave for 10 minutes or so.

After that, use water to rinse the body. Pursue by drying the area with a clean towel after which the organic version of olive oil should be massaged to keep their skin moisturized.

  1. Cold Compress

The use of cold compresses soothes the baby’s distressed skin. Also, their application provides comfort to the newborns.

For this remedy, take a washcloth and soak in tepid water. Then, the excess water should be wrung out, and put over the concerned portion. Keep for 8-10 minutes at a time. Repeat this remedy at regular intervals through the day for the babies to recover promptly.

  1. Keep them Diaper-Free

You must allow the permit to be bottomless as much as possible during the day. Not wearing diapers helps them to ‘air-out.’  Also, their skin can breathe, and they can recover quickly.

  1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is favored as a remedy for skin-related complaints due to its medicinal nature. It bears the ability to keep the skin hydrated; thereby, accelerating the healing course.

Coat the baby’s skin with a thin layer of coconut oil, regularly, for enjoying its rich remedial value.

  1. Breast Milk

For treating diaper rash, you can also consider applying breast milk over the rashes for the healing process to ensure. Take few drops and rub gently over their troubled skin. Let it air dry and then wrap around a fresh diaper.

  1. Herbal Tea

If you notice that your newborn’s skin has become scaly and dry, it is possible that they are suffering from Eczema. In such cases, you should prepare tea and apply the preparation over the irritated skin.

For preparing tea, boil 2 cups of water after which you should add one teabag each of nettle leaf and chamomile herb. Let the tea cool and follow by soaking a washcloth in the mixture. Apply the wet washcloth around the rashes.

Eczema is also known to cause itching. For relieving the infants from the associated discomfort, you can try adding the oatmeal powder to a bathtub of lukewarm water and mixing thoroughly. Soak the baby in the mixture for 20 minutes and then dry using a towel.

Pursuing natural treatments for your baby’s rashes is advised as these remedies are safe and easy-to-practice. Baby skin is tender and exposing them to harsh treatments can prove to be highly painful for them.

The home remedies serve as an ideal option for the treatment of baby rashes because of their painless nature. Moreover, they are highly effective. We advise you opt for them first before subjecting your mini-versions to the advanced systems.

Author Bio: Aliza is an experienced mother of 3 children. Over-the-years, Aliza wants to share her life experiences with all the new moms and to-be-mothers who look around for tips and tricks on the internet.