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Your Sexual Orientation May Change Over Time And Here’s Why It’s Okay

As you grow up and begin to experience new things, you might start to realize that your preferences when it comes to choosing your partner could change as well. You may wake up one day and realize that what you have been looking for in a partner previously is not what you want and need at this point in your life. You might even find yourself pursuing someone of a different gender than the one you have formerly found attractive.

However, there is no need for panic. Even though this could come as a big surprise to you, it is not an uncommon thing for people to find that their sexual preferences have changed. It is a normal thing for your sexual wants and needs to evolve and grow over time. Because you are changing, so your sexual orientation can change as well.

Adjusting process

With our constant growth and development, we are faced with many new things that can tremendously influence us while shaping and changing our previous preferences – from clothing and food to our sexual orientation.

Sexual Identity Crisis

We can undergo several serious changes in our sexual identity that can be really confusing at first, but we should understand that these changes may happen without any influence from the outside.

Change Is Normal

The only thing that is constant in life is change. So, the changes that we might be experiencing are perfectly normal and okay. What matters is that others respect our desires and choices.

The Spectrum Of Choice

Every sexual orientation falls under a certain spectrum that is fluid and prone to change. We don’t have to have the same identity our whole life if we don’t want to. Plus, there are people who fall under many different categories of preferences.

A 10-Year-Long Research

Lisa Diamond, a psychology professor and the author of the book “Sexual Fluidity” conducted a research of 80 women that were not heterosexual at first. Her 10-year-long research showed that the majority of them had been with a man even though they were gay.

The Danger Of Labels

Dr. Jennelle, a psychologist, said that not putting a particular label may lead to internal conflicts after a while. So, we should understand that that conflicting feeling is okay because we are not sticking to labels and we shouldn’t have to.


Being attracted to someone who is not your type is normal, don’t worry. What matters most is to discover what is the thing that you find appealing and attractive and why.

Exploring The Sparks

Getting to know yourself better by analyzing what you like and what you don’t like in a relationship is essential for you to accept your true nature. Find out what gives you butterflies and warms your heart.

Changes In Gender Preference

Change in sexuality and gender preferences is normal and it can happen to everyone. Our sexual orientation can quickly change from gay to straight and vice versa (or anything in between). And, this is okay.

Disappointment And Acceptance

Both men and women experience changes in sexuality as they get older. These changes can lead to disappointment and confusion because they may not be socially accepted.

Therapy And Support

Support and comfort from therapy can do wonders and be beneficial for those that are feeling guilty for things that they can’t even control.


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