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Study Finds That Less Social People Are In Fact Extremely Intelligent

For more intelligent people, hell is literally other people. If you have found yourself dreaming about running away in a forest or a small monastery where nobody knows you, you shouldn’t worry too much about the tag ‘anti-social’ – this is a sign of high intelligence.

This is what a study published in the British Journal of Psychology has found. In the course of their research, Satoshi Kanazawa and Norman Li have found that social interactions influence the overall happiness of people in two ways.

The first factor that influences our happiness is the density of population in the area where we live. The study found that the higher the population density, the lower our life satisfaction is. And the reason behind this has ancestral roots.

As Kanazawa suggests, people in the past used to live in areas which were not populated as densely as they are nowadays. And indeed, the stress of a rush hour in a metropolis is something that nobody would enjoy.

The second factor which affects our life satisfaction is the interaction with our close friends and relatives. Most people experience a positive rush from this, and it is very positively associated with one’s overall happiness.

However, this same interaction affects the happiness of people with extreme intelligence negatively. While this may seem confusing or counter-intuitive for many, highly intelligent people can’t stand spending a lot of time even with their closest of friends.

In fact, they are better off by themselves. The reason behind this may be the fact that highly intelligent people tend to focus on long-term goals and ambitions. Social interactions don’t contribute to their general flow toward the goal they have set, and they feel this as a drawback.

Which is more, highly intelligent people don’t want to waste their time on small talk and chit chats. It’s not that they don’t like their closest friends, or that they don’t find them fun, but they get tired of small talk very easily, and they would prefer focusing on their deeper thoughts.

This, however, goes against our nature as human beings, which has a lot to do with social interaction. Social interaction has been a tool for survival for humans since forever. Or does it go against our nature?

While social interaction is an evolutionary trait which has kept humanity going against all odds, today’s life differs a lot from life back then. As we have begun controlling our environment and molding it to our specifications, the need to ‘stick together’ has remained as only a psychological one.

Highly intelligent people seem to be able to adapt more easily to this kind of environment, where humanity’s advancement has switched from a more physical to a more intellectual one. Hence, the most highly evolved people have also, perhaps subconsciously, switched their priorities as well.

So, if you’d rather stay at home and lounge instead of going out with friends for some chatting and drinking, you’re not anti-social. You are the next step in evolution! You are extremely intelligent!


Source: Simple Capacity

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