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Teenager Dying Of Cancer “RECOVERS After Mother Gives Him Marijuana”


Many people will find this news shocking or they may even judge this boy’s parents for allowing such treatment for their child.

Many countries legalized marijuana and some of them have even tried to sell it as a cure or for medical purposes only.

However, people are still close to this idea and can’t get used to the fact that what was once known or labelled as an addictive drug, is now sold in pharmacies as a medicine.

A teenage boy named Deryn Blackwell was brought in a hospital and doctors couldn’t do anything for him except pray for a miracle and hope that cancer will subside.

Nothing work, he was in an excruciating pain and the anti-nausea medications gave him only an addiction. It seemed that Deryn was facing death and it were moments of seconds before cancer took the life of this boy.

Life which was in front of him and parents who had to watch him suffer and deal with this situation. Nevertheless, his mother decided to take matters into her own hands and find a solution that may possiblely save her son’s life.

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So, in a matter of life or death you always find the craziest solutions and we may say that the same happened with this brave mother. She decided to give her son a few drops of cannabis tincture and against all odds a miracle did happen.

Deryn felt much better, his pain subsided and it seemed that he had pretty good chances of beating cancer and it was all thanks to his mother’s brave decision to step out and do something that the conventional medicine won’t do for her son.

Deryn was diagnosed with leukemia at just of the age of 10, after several years of fighting and struggling with this disease, he was finally hospitalized at the age of 14 and the doctors were only waiting for him to lose this hopeless battle with cancer.

According to his mother, Deryn was a teenage boy, acting like a heroin addict, just because the anti-nausea medication cyclizine gave him addiction.

This is the moment when his mother hit rock-bottom, she knew that she must do something, anything, just to save her son from the unbearable situation and the excruciating pain.

That’s the moment when she started searching for other alternative therapies and medicines such as Bedrocan, a painkiller based on cannabis. However, the bad news is that they don’t sell it in the UK and she decided to find this medicine her own way, illegally and in secrecy.

The doctors were full of doubts and told her that such medication had not yet been tested on children and they couldn’t predict or know the effects of this medicine on children and normally the doctor couldn’t prescribe such medicine.

At the end, they decided to act in a way that many parents would find unreasonable or insane, however this decision saved this boy’s life.

When Deryn took the vape pen, he felt much better instantly, however it wasn’t enough to reach their expectations, so his mother had to search for another alternative which will save her son’s life.

She couldn’t rely on the doctors only, simply because they didn’t have answers to all questions. Then, Deryn’s mother decided to up the dose by dispensing 5 ml of cannabis tincture.

After the dose, she noticed her son finding his peace and feeling more at ease and more relaxed. The addiction from cyclizine started to subside and she replaced cyclizine with tincture whenever her son was feeling uncomfortable.

After three weeks with this treatment, Deryn’s mother saw the miracle, the unbelievable, and the possible treatment that she’s been looking for such a long time.

His blackened and almost dead fingers began to heel, his body started to fight the cancer even without the medications or without any immune system to fight off anything as small as an infection. It’s a miracle for sure, in which other way would you explain this?

Some call it miracle, some call it coincidence, however Deryn’s mother knew better that all of this was only possible thanks to the cannabis tincture.

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