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These Are Tesla’s Stunning New Solar Roof Tiles For Homes

The man who is about to change our conventional home’s roofs, the South African- born Elon Musk, a wealthy entrepreneur and the chief executive of Tesla’s company has recently unveiled the new solar roof tiles.

These Tesla’s roof tiles possess extraordinary solar energy collecting capacity and they appear to be perfectly replacing the everyday regular roofs.

It could not get any more stunning than the fact that Tesla’s tiles come in various array of colors and styles.

There are four different models which look like the conventional and modern roof tiles type. They enclose the following distinct styles:

‘‘Smooth Glass Tile’’‘‘Textured Glass Tile’’‘‘Slate Glass Tile’’

‘‘Tuscan Glass Tile’’

Each of the styles attains tasteful appearance and at the same time they all look quite closely as a nowadays roof stuff model.

All of the four divergent styles are transparent to solar too, but they look impenetrable when viewed from a different sunlight corner.

The roof tiles are in fact made of textured glass. From various viewing angles, they look like simple shingles, but they let the light to pass through from above on a standard flat solar cell. 

Instead of being a more complex system so as to be merged within the roof, Tesla’s new roof tiles products can arrive at about 98 percent of the effectiveness of an ordinary solar cell, which brings only two percent of a loss on efficiency, according to the company.

Nevertheless, the company is working on its disadvantages and is looking for ways to enable less energy loss and to construct the solar tiles to produce energy which will possess a potential to go above normal energy efficiency.

Obviously, the price has added its part to it. Not only have the tiles allure features but they have allure price as well. It appears like it is a small price to be paid since the price of the system is going to be competitive with an ordinary roof, when energy savings are taken into consideration.

Currently, the particular price has not been realized to the public yet, since it will probably rely on a number of varying factors.

As it has been expected, according to Musk, Tesla’s new solar roof tile products are supposed to endure much more than the others made out of asphalt, since the material used for the Tesla’s tiles is quartz glass which is about two or three times more persistent.

One of the biggest advantages of Tesla’s roof is that it generates enough energy to completely power a household as the power has been designed in such a way that is enabled to be stored in Powerwall 2.0 battery so that the householders are enabled to keep reserve in case of overabundant necessity.

Tesla’s new solar roof tile products are not expected to begin earlier than the next year summer.  Supposedly, it will begin with one or two of Tesla’s four solar tile models, so that it gets expanded little by little with the time passing.

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