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The Day I Stopped Caring About Everything Is The Day I Started Living My Life


One year ago, something in my life shifted and I changed. I stopped giving a damn. I stopped worrying about things that are out of my control. I stopped caring altogether.

It’s absolutely crazy how it all became instantly trivial to me, but it happened. And I felt like someone lifted a big weight off my shoulders.

I stopped caring about how my actions make me look. I stopped giving a damn about what others think about me. My opinions. My preferences. My ideals. My thoughts. My insecurities. What I think of myself is more important than what others think of me. Most importantly I stopped giving a damn about how all of that makes me feel. Now, I am me. I am not afraid to unapologetically myself and show everyone that I am comfortable in my own skin.

I stopped giving a damn about reaching milestones. Chasing certain goals. Running and rushing in life. Worrying about deadlines. Obsessing about strict plans. Exhausting myself over a job that makes me miserable. I am done with all of it. I am done pretending that I like what I do when what I do actually sucks the soul out of me. It doesn’t matter what it’s socially accepted. Because my life is about me and myself alone. No one else.

I stopped caring about being okay with everyone. I stopped giving a damn whether they like me, love me, respect me, or hate me. I gave up trying to be the perfect human being who everyone adores. I stopped fulfilling everyone’s wishes. I stopped making everyone happy. I stopped prioritizing their needs. I am not a puppet and I am not a robot. I am a human being and I have emotions, just like you. I cannot spend my life putting up with people who pretend to be my friends. I deserve better.

I stopped giving a damn about making the most of my life. They say the time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time and that is the biggest truth you need to learn about life. I will no longer overwork myself up to the point of total collapse.  I will no longer risk my health for things that don’t matter. I will no longer feel bad about taking the time off to relax and recharge. I will no longer punish myself for not being capable to finish a task. Instead, I will learn to forgive myself and accept myself just the way I am.

I realized that I’ve wasted a lot of my time, nerves and energy worrying about everything else but myself. Luckily, that’s over now. I turned another page. In fact, I opened a whole new book. And that book is about me, myself and I.

The day I stopped caring about everything is officially the day I started living my life.

You should try it too. I HIGHLY recommend it.

The Day I Stopped Caring About Everything Is The Day I Started Living My Life