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What Makes You Anxious, According To Your Zodiac Sign


We all have fears. Some of them are childhood fears. Some are valid, others not so much – but we all have them. We all feel restless and anxious sometimes. We all get the churning feeling in the pit of our stomach that make us lose sleep.

And if you want to know what makes you, your friend, or your partner jealous, read on to find what makes each person anxious according to their zodiac sign.

ARIES – When They Bite Off More Than They Can Chew

Yes, even if you can’t believe it, but Aries also gets anxious from time to time. They can dominate the whole world while secretly fearing their power. When they try to juggle a hundred different things at the same time, they fear that things will get out of their hands and that the result will be disastrous. Also, they sometimes beat themselves up and get anxious when they need to ask for help or own up to their mistakes.

TAURUS – When Things in Their Life Become Unpredictable & Uncertain

Taurus wants stability more than anything in their life. They always know what they want in life, so they find it very hard to be flexible. Whenever there is a change in their plans, they get anxious. Too much change could make them feel so uncertain and stressed out that they will feel like they are losing balance and everything in their life is falling apart. To overcome those feelings, they need to learn to embrace change and be more fluid because change is inevitable and it’s a part of life.

GEMINI – When They Feel Trapped & Confused

Gemini panic in a panic room and in any scenery from which they can’t escape. Dead-end jobs, restrictive relationships, and crowded rooms can have Geminis feeling trapped and anxious. Feeling cornered can make them climb up the proverbial wall and do everything they can to ‘escape’ from the thing that makes them feel that way.

CANCER – When They Fear Being Abandoned

Cancer is willing to do anything for the people they love. They protect, love, and nurture them. They are very emotional and that’s why they fear being abandoned. The mere thought of breaking up with someone that they care about makes them anxious. They can get so worried about losing loved ones that they can go to extreme lengths to stop that from happening – from being extremely controlling to becoming their stalkers. Sure, they can be crazy sometimes, but that’s because they fear to lose you.

 LEO – When Humiliated or Rejected

Leo’s ego and self-esteem are widely known. So, whenever they are being humiliated or rejected in some way, they get extremely anxious and stressed. They fear to make fool out of themselves in public more than anything. They need to relax and understand that they can’t be always perfect.

VIRGO – When Obsessing & Overthinking Over Details

The mole on their back is probably not dangerous or cancerous, and the flu is not the end of the world – but for Virgos it is. They are extremely worried, and they can get obsessed with everything if they start thinking about all the little details and things that could get wrong. They are anxious the most when it comes to their health. They should stop self-diagnosing and obsess because sometimes a cold is just a cold.

LIBRA – When Someone Continues Crossing the Line

Libra is very forgiving when it comes to people that they care about. They have a forgive and forget mentality but be careful to not cross the line of their tolerance. Nothing annoys them more than someone who continues repeating the same mistake over and over again. That makes them stressed and anxious and make them lose their focus and harmony.

SCORPIO – From Human Beings in General

Scorpios can sometimes struggle to deal with people. The mere thought of having to make small talk and deal with other people’s stupidity and naivety can really push their buttons and make them anxious. Know-it-alls and people who dwell in mediocrity can really make a Scorpio lose their balance and get a meltdown. When they are anxious they can even become destructive and condescending, so it is important to them to remember that not everyone reacts so deeply to things as they do.

Sagittarius – When Pessimists Try to Bring Them Down

With their energy and their witty sense of humor, this sign loves being surrounded with positive and happy people. They can’t stand those that bring negativity and pessimism in their life. Their anxiety will definitely kick in if there are gloom and doom everywhere around them. So, it is a necessity for them to get rid of those energy vampires if they want to have a stress-free life.

CAPRICORN – From Stupidity & Incompetence

This sign has high standards for everything in their life. They want to surround themselves only with wise and competent people, as they are. Bad planning, being late, and poor service are one of the things that get on their nerves. When people around them can’t manage to solve a simple problem, they get extremely anxious and can’t understand how people can be such fools sometimes.

AQUARIUS – When People Lay Unreasonable Demands on Them

You don’t want to get into an Aquarius’ head. There are many voices inside their head – you’ll make yourself crazy. Their mind is always busy thinking about many things. So, that’s why people need to leave them alone with their thoughts. A lot. They don’t want to make fast decisions and they get anxious every time someone demands something from them.

PISCES – About the Idea of Getting Anxious

Pisces are always worrying, that’s why even the thought of anxiety makes them anxious. This can suddenly turn them into a worrisome state of mind and they can get stressed out about just anything. Their anxiety can be easily triggered by even the most trivial things from an upcoming exam to their unwashed laundry. They need to escape from things from time to time, go on a weekend getaway, or practice yoga.