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Why is Casino Royale Still the Best Bond Movie?


The James Bond Movie franchise has offered us the most popular characters of all time, from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig.

Through all the 26 films featuring 007, we’ve seen the exploits of a charming, stylish secret agent and been amazed by the breath-taking technology, stunts, and beautiful locales.

Although this legendary secret agent franchise has brought us endless thrills, Casino Royale blew us away with its new take on the spy story.

Casino Royale is arguably one of the best James Bond movies to this day. Released in 2006, this movie adopts everything fans love about James Bond into an easy-to-swallow package.

What’s even better, it stays true to the 1953 novel by Ian Fleming and adopts the narrative for fans a half-century later.

With that said, here are four reasons Casino Royale is the best 007 movie.

The Casino Setting Is Exhilarating

When it was launched 15 years ago, Casino Royal attracted large audiences to cinemas. But that’s not all! The film also benefited the gambling industry a lot. It was the first movie to depict poker as a highly competitive game in the Bond franchise.

Additionally, the movie does a great job of displaying the glitz and glamour of casinos as Le Chiffre, and James Bond take part in the high-stakes poker tournament.

After watching the movie, you’ll remain with the desire to play high-stakes games at a world-class casino. While that’s nearly impossible today, due to COVID-19 and its subsequent restrictions, you can still receive that experience from an online casino.

In countries like Sweden, online gambling is legal, though with strict regulations. Nevertheless, you can visit casino med snabb utbetalning and enjoy the best real casino experience.

Also, try to recreate the casino ambiance from the film using casino-themed decorations. Who knows! Maybe the ambiance will motivate you to play more fun games and even win some money.

Takes Things Back to the Basics

Most movies from the James Bond franchise achieved high box office success. However, certain films like Die Another Day received lots of negative feedback from critics and fans.

Although the movie had an impressive cast, including Toby Stephens as Gustav Graves and Rosamund Pike as Miranda Frost, it’s remembered for all the bad reasons.

Most fans considered it the worst movie from the franchise. It was even worse than Batman and Robin. The producers got everything wrong, from the nonstop sex puns to invisible cars to terrible GGI. Let’s not forget the ear torturing theme song.

However, Casino Royale doesn’t have a giant space laser or extremely over-the-top villains. Instead, it takes a clever and intelligent approach to the story, making everything entertaining. The film took things back to basics, bringing life into a beloved franchise.

Features a Refreshing Dark Tone

Casino Royale director, Martin Campbell, pushed the boundaries of the James Bond Franchise by including amazing violence and torture scenes.

This strategic move gave the film a refreshing Dark tone, something the franchise needed to revitalize the interest of fans in the 007 character.

At first, Daniel Craig turned down the agent 007 role because he felt the franchise was stagnant and stuck to its ways. However, after reading the script and realizing it’s dark and gritty, he accepted the role.

It Features a Killer Theme Song

Besides being among the best casino-themed movies, it includes a song from one of the most celebrated musicians, Chris Cornell.

Chris Cornell died on May 17 at 52, but his solo work – You Know My Name – left a particular cinematic Legacy. The Grammy-nominated theme song for Casino Royale offers several orchestral theatrics that characterizes classic bond themes.

The line in the song “The coldest blood runs through my veins” is a pure distillation of the 007 character’s dangerously cool demeanor.

In a crowded group of popular musical performances from Wings “Live and Let Die” to the controlled chaos of Paul McCartney, Cornell’s song stands out as the best. You Know My Name combines heavy rock and lush sonics to echo James Bond’s transformations.

Although Chris left us far too soon, his contribution to this legendary franchise will forever remain in the book of history.


There you have it, our four reasons that Casino Royale is the best Bond film. However, don’t limit yourself to our list. There are still more reasons out there waiting to get explored.

Nevertheless, Casino Royale has left quite an impression, and we’re eager to see what the franchise has in store for us in their next installation – No Time to Die.

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