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Your Life Path According To Your Date Of Birth


Most people today struggle to find their life path and achieve their full potential. So, if you are wondering whether or not you are on the right path in life, take a look on your birth date and see if you live your life towards reaching the potential that was given to you by your birth date.

As you know, everything around us is energy. And the vibration of your date of birth defines the energy you’ll have during your life. Also, your birth date has an enormous impact on your way of thinking and acting in certain situations.

How Numerology can help you realize your real potential in life:

“Number is the ruler of forms and ideas, and the cause of gods and demons” – Pythagoras.

Many people believe that Pythagoras is the forefather of Numerology. He was among the first scientists who found a link between numbers and their ‘cosmic vibrations.’ He believed that every living and non-living thing in this world follows that law of vibrations that can be explained in numbers.

You can calculate your life path number by adding all the numbers of your birth date and derive them to a single digit (except master numbers 11 and 22). For example, if you are born on 25th September 1994, then your life path number is number 3 because 2+5+0+9+1+9+9+4 = 39= 3+9 = 12 = 1+2 = 3.


Those people with life path number 1 are self-motivated leaders. They want to be the pioneers in whatever their field of expertise is, and they have various ideas which they use to motivate others.

They want to be appreciated by those people around them more than anything, thus they can easily cut out from their life everyone who don’t respect them or don’t appreciate the things they do. These people are natural problem-solvers, and they can quickly find a solution to almost any problem.

They are great innovators because they have a strong drive to always create something new. However, if they don’t manage to connect to their true powers, they can become easily vulnerable and they can lack confidence.

If you have this number – you should embrace your potential as being the pioneer and the leader of innovative thinking.


People with life path number 2, always strive to compromise with others and find a solution that will be good for both sides. They are very connected to the cosmic energy and to the sensitive female energy, so that’s why they are very learned and intuitive individuals.

Their main goal in life is to be independent and noticed by others. They need to learn how they can maintain their identity without following the steps of others. Their true power is the ability to work with others in order to move forward and achieve their goals. This makes them excellent team-players.

These people are sensitive to the feelings of others and what they think of them. So, it is important for them to try to relax and not worry so much about the opinions of others. They are peacemakers who need to find their balance in life.

If you have this number – be a diplomat and find your purpose in compromising and cooperating with others.


People with this life path number are the eternal children. They are very energetic and dynamic. They are always on the move. They are very direct, and they want to be emotionally secure, so they require an immediate emotional response.

People born with life path number 3 are always searching to find happiness and joy in everything they do. They are always striving to find new things to do that can help them climb the ladder of self-realization. They are creative individuals, with a sharp mind that can help them realize whatever they set their mind to.

Usually, they have more than one interest in life (including their love life). They are impulsive and sometimes they act without thinking. Oftentimes, they can be way too optimistic about things that can lead to a disappointment later on. Many people find them eccentric because of their careless nature.

If you have this number – be creative, embrace your inner child, and learn how to be more practical to not waste your energy.


“Success is only 5% of inspiration and 95% of hard work” – this is the motto of those born with life path number 4. These people are ambitious and hardworking, but they also tend to be materialistic. If they want to achieve success, they must understand how to live by the law and abide the rules.

The words that describe these people are: complying with laws and traditions, durability, strength, respect, and stability. They are always oriented to the results and they are prone to become addicted to their work.

Status plays a significant role in their life. That’s why they are often drawn to a career in commerce, banking, or in politics.

If you have this number – keep up the hard work and learn how to embrace change.


People with life path number 5 are the winds of change. They see life as one big adventure, and they enjoy it as much as they can. They love adventures and visiting new places. They are very talented individuals and they can achieve great success in different areas of life. They only need to learn how to choose wisely and correctly for themselves.

Finding their true core is essential for people born with this number. They are full of interesting ideas and they can easily inspire others, but they lack patience and tend to overthink and worry a lot.

They should keep in control their passion for taking risks and stay away from gambling. They don’t like restrictions, and they can stay forever young at heart as long as they can be creative and find their passion.

If you have this number – control yourself from taking risks, find the freedom in this material world full of restrictions, and be the inspiration for a change in the life of others.


This number is all about balance and service. The people born with number 6 bring harmony and peace to others. They are the perfect combination of hard work and higher divine.

If they want to be independent, they need to make that their everyday habit. They make everyone around them feel comfortable and understood. They want to help everyone in need, but they need to be careful to not confuse helping someone with interfering in their life because of their tendency to impose their beliefs on others.

On the other hand, they are always willing to sacrifice themselves for others even when it is not necessary. They need to overcome their passiveness and take an active role in their life to not lose their individuality.

If you have this number – learn how to receive (not only give), don’t be passive and masochist, and bring peace and harmony in your life and in the life of others.


This number is all about going deep into things; deep understanding, and deep analysis. These people often go so deep in their self-discovery that they remove themselves from the world. They are the ones who always take the road less traveled.

Their intuition is very strong, so they can receive information from their higher conscience levels manifested as dreams, signs, or visions. Whenever they have to make an important decision, it is important for them to listen to their inner voice.

Their true value is their knowledge. Material things are not a priority for them. However, they are prone to become fanatics or fall into certain addictions.

If you have this number – trust your gut feeling, calm your mind, and free yourself from the fantasy world that you hide yourself in to share your divine inner knowledge with others.


Those people that have the life path number 8 have a divine power to combine both the material and the spiritual world into one whole. Their true power lies in their ability to transform negative energy into a positive one.

This number is all about control and tradition. They are brave fighters that fight fiercely about the things they believe in. However, they need to be careful not to become greedy for power because that will be destructive for their karma. They must understand that they should not see the world only as black and white.

If you have this number – use your divine power for good purposes, find the balance between creativity and enjoying the pleasures of our material world.


In Numerology, this number holds all the mystical knowledge in the world. These people realize early that material possessions bring no value to their soul. For them, life is all about finding peace and enriching their soul.

They can spot every little imperfection in the world as well as in the people around them, so it can be really difficult for them to find a balance between the reality and how they think that the world should be because they are the saviors of the world.

They often feel alienated from everything, and that’s why many people perceive them as very intelligent people bordering with madness. These people possess an enormous potential given with their birth, but they are not always able to achieve it, mostly because they are influenced by their fathers. That’s why they can quickly shift from ecstasy to depression.

If you have this number – stay aware of your martyrdom and idealism, give without expecting something in return, and try to share your wisdom with the world.


Numbers 11 and 22 are called masters because they have a higher frequency than other. People who have these life path’s numbers have a higher mission to fulfill.


This number brings enlightenment to those who have it as their numerology number. Their goal is to find their balance and their place in this world. They need to keep their soul pure and use their spirituality to help others evolve.

The energy of these people is so powerful that they can keep on working all day and night. They need to find an effective way of communicating with others to share their immense life knowledge with them.


People with this life path number are the masters on constructing and creating global scale projects. They have excellent creational and organizational skills, so they can achieve and create the life that they have always dreamt of.

Because of their great talent, they often become lazy and they can fail to achieve their goals. That’s why they always have to work hard and do not give up. They are charming individuals who are highly sensitive to everything around them, and this increases their potential to fulfill their mission.

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