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10 Basic Habits That Will Help You Raise Happy, Healthy And Wise Children


We cannot make this world a better place if we don’t focus on raising fine, healthy, happy and responsible individuals first. It is our job as grownups and people who’ve been through a lot of things in life to pass down those lessons to the next generations.

It can be pretty overwhelming when you realize that you and only you have the biggest responsibility to teach your young individual everything there is to life and help them choose the right path in life. But there is nothing more wonderful and rewarding than doing that.

All you have to know is that the change starts with you. One parent, one child. Remember, you have the opportunity to build a solid foundation for them to develop on their own. You are the one that has to teach them the real values of life. You are the one that has to prepare them for their journey.

Here are 10 basic habits that will help you raise happy, healthy and wise children:

1. EMPATHY. The first thing on your priority list should always be teaching your kids how important taking care of others is. Only empathy will save this world. This trait will help them understand what it feels like to walk in another person’s shoes. Kids that are hardwired to care about other people as well will grow up into a kind, loving and considerate human beings. These are the people that we need on this planet.

2. EARLY BEDTIMES. Good night’s sleep is essential for healthy brain development. One of the most important things that you must do for your children’s wellbeing is to always get them the amount of sleep that they need.

3. HEALTHY BOUNDARIES. I know it’s difficult to do this to a human being that you love more than anything. Especially when they are screaming, pushing back and refusing to listen to you. In these moments, it is important to remind yourself that you are doing this for their own good. Setting healthy boundaries for your kid will help them learn discipline. Something that they will desperately need in life.

4. NECESSARY ROUTINES. Spontaneity is great, but a child who has yet a lot to learn about life need routines. And you are the first one that has to introduce it to these routines. Self-control, empathy, interaction, friendships, responsibilities are just some of the things that a kid must learn in order to grow up into a well-adjusted grownup.

5. A LOT OF HUGS. This should go without saying. A growing child needs all the love it can get. It should be raised in a healthy and loving environment with people who know how to take care of it. Experts say that we need four hugs a day to survive, 8 hugs a day for maintenance and 12 hugs a day for growth. The more you hug; the more oxytocin is released hence the happier your child is.

6. PLAYFUL AND LOVING PARENTS. Kids don’t say “I had a bad day… Can we talk?” They say, “Mommy, play with me.” Don’t ever ignore their requests; you are the only person that they believe in. Yes, life is stressful and chaotic. But it doesn’t have to be. It’s your call. Stop disconnecting yourself from reality and start paying more attention to what your kid is trying to tell you. Cancel everything that you have, put your phone down and devote your whole day to them.

7. MORE EXPERIENCES INSTEAD OF THINGS. Remember, when they grow up, it is not the stuff that they will remember, but the places that you’ve been to and the moments that you shared. The best experiences in life don’t cost much. Quality time is the best possible gift that you can give to your children.

8. BOOKS AND MUSIC. The first best thing that parents can do for their children is to keep them safe. The second-best thing is to read with them. The same goes for teaching them about music and art.

9. MORE TIME SPENT OUTDOORS. Constant physical activity, especially out in nature is a must. Allowing children to explore the world around them and learn more about the laws of nature on their own will help them develop into responsible, independent and smart individuals. Kids who don’t get to be free and explore on their own, but instead stay trapped into the parent’s fear are likely to grow up with many issues.

10. MORE SCREEN-TIME LIMITS. It’s very simple. A child needs specific stimuli from the outside environment in order to develop normally. In other words, these essential stimuli cannot be found in front of screens or phones. A young child that spend a lot of time in front of a screen instead of the outside is bound to have troubles with its development.

10 Basic Habits That Will Help You Raise Happy, Healthy And Wise Children