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10 Dating Rules Men Wish You Would Let Go Of


Following rules is totally fine if they improve the quality of your life, bring you joy and pleasure, and make you grow both personally and professionally. But, when it comes to dating and relationships, some rules definitely don’t work.

I guess you were often told by your mom those “words of wisdom,” such as: “Never text him first,” “Play hard to get,” or “He always has to foot the bill when he takes you out on a date.” But, I also believe you’ll agree that dating the guy you like should be a pleasant and enjoyable experience. And dating rules are a huge impediment to that.

When you forbid yourself to do things that feel right, you just needlessly restrict and prevent yourself from enjoying the fun and comfort relationships offer. And I’m not saying that you should have no boundaries or respect for yourself and allow every guy you like to get into your bed. But sticking closely to impractical dating rules, which in reality are very difficult to follow, will only make you feel restricted and deprived.

If you already feel this way, it means it’s time for you to throw the following 10 dating rules out the window.

1. Don’t be the first to initiate contact.

Who said that men always have to text, call, or come to talk to you first? And since when is showing interest considered a negative trait? Not only is this rule childish but it’s also very annoying. So, don’t be afraid or ashamed to show a guy you’re interested in him by reaching out to him first. Send him a cute,  playful message and I assure you there’s no a guy who would remain indifferent to that.

2. Don’t have sex on the first date, or the second.

I suppose you’re a mature, smart person who knows what’s good and right for you. So, if you feel an instant connection and sexual chemistry on the first date, and you feel that’s the right thing to do, why not breaking the rule? Moreover, there’re many successful relationships that have started as one-night stands.

And again, breaking this rule doesn’t make you immoral or sluttish because if you can feel that he’s interested in being intimate with you in more ways than just that one, there’s nothing you should worry about.

3. Only date guys who meet your specific requirements.

Only dating guys who match your specific criteria can keep you out of relationships with potentially great matches. There’s nothing wrong about having height, hair, and eye requirements, but if these aren’t helping you find the right guy for you, but are only making you write off great guys, it’s time for you to break this rule.

4. Expect him to pay on the first date (and most probably on the next ones too).

Okay, most guys are happy to foot the bill on the first date. But, this doesn’t mean you should never pull out your purse. For example, if he pays for the dinner, you can offer to get drinks or suggest going to the movies and treat him. That’s a very polite thing to do. And it will show him that you’re at least interested enough to invest in the evening.

5. Expect him to take you out on elaborate dates.

If you expect your guy to take you out to bars and restaurants several times a month, you should rethink your expectations, girl. Going somewhere nice, such as a fancy restaurant or bar, with your loved one is great. But if this means he has to put himself in debt so as to impress you, I don’t think there’s a guy who will be ready to make that sacrifice.

Going on a casual date or even staying at home and watching a movie together is something that most guys prefer rather than going to fancy and buzzy places.

6. If you want to get closer with him, make sure you spend more time together.

Unless you want to make him run in the opposite direction, stop insisting on seeing him every single day. While it’s natural to want to spend time with the guy you like, expecting him to see you a lot, will make you look pushy and instead of getting closer with him, you’ll only push him away from you.

You need to understand that just like you, he’ll have his own stuff to take care of and won’t be able to always make time for seeing you. 

7. Assume he’s monogamous.

Unless he makes it clear that he’s interested in dating only you, you shouldn’t expect him to be monogamous. So, if he doesn’t show he’s solely committed to you, you should assume he’s dating other girls and you should too.  

8. Don’t accept a last – minute invitation.

If you turn down invitations made less than 3 days in advance, know you may be blowing a lot of chances to find the right guy or at least, get into a relationship which can turn into the most amazing experience you’ll ever have.

Last-minute offers are not a sign that you were his second choice or that you’re desperate to go out with him. It can simply mean that he just wants to spend some time with you.

So, if a guy asks you out on a date a few hours before the time you’re supposed to meet and you don’t have any other plans and would like to go out with him, forget the dumb rule and do it!

9. Tell your friends everything about your relationship.

Yeah, that’s what most girls do. They share every detail of their relationship with their friends as so as to gauge the guy and where the relationship is headed. But, this often causes misunderstanding. To avoid this, make sure your friends meet your boyfriend and get all the information they need at first hand.  

10. Let the universe tell you if you’re meant to be together.

I mean….WHAT? Reading your daily horoscope can be fun, but making your decisions about whether or not you should date a guy can greatly restrict your options. It may lead you to believe that you should avoid guys of a particular zodiac just because the way Jupiter moves shows you’re incompatible.

Image source: You Fight Me