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10 Essential Differences Between True Love And False Love You Need To Be Aware Of

difference between love and fake love

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether you’re in a relationship with the right person for you – the person who genuinely loves you and cares about you, or with someone with whom you have a toxic bond. So, the question is: How can you distinguish between genuine love and fake love?

Well, when you’re in a relationship that is based on true, pure, unconditional love, you feel this with every fiber of your being. You feel it in your heart. In your soul. In the depths of your being.

And sometimes, when you have doubts about your partner’s feelings for you or you’re wondering where your relationship is headed, even if you can’t imagine living without your partner, it may, in fact, turn out that they’re not the right person for you.

Here are 10 essential differences between true love and false love that will help you dispel any doubts or concerns:

1. True love is selfless; false love is self-centered.

When you truly love someone, you are not afraid to sacrifice your own needs and wishes for your partner’s happiness. You are not afraid to make compromises for the sake of the relationship. You want to see your significant other happy and fulfilled. But, when your relationship is not based on true love, the only person you love and care about is yourself.

2. True love nourishes a relationship; false love makes it toxic.

When you find genuine love, you can hope to build a healthy, happy, and long-lasting relationship with your significant other. But when you’re in a relationship which is not based on true love, your relationship will never deepen and flourish. As time passes, it’ll only get worse and worse.

3. True love thrives on honesty; false love thrives on lies.

When you and your partner love each other truly and wholeheartedly, lies, secrets, and manipulation will never be part of your relationship. Rather, you’ll both value honesty and trust – virtues which are never a part of a relationship which is based on fake love.

4. True love is pleasant; false love is bitter.

True love gives you sweet, unforgettable, precious memories and fills your life with rewarding experiences.  On the other hand, false love offers you superficial, momentary pleasures.

5. True love equals kindness and empathy; false love equals cruelty.

When the person you’re in a relationship with is truly in love with you, they treat you with kindness, patience, and compassion. They treat you with respect and dignity. And when their love isn’t true, they act coldly towards you and they treat you with disrespect.

6. True love equals loyalty; false love equals infidelity.

When you’re truly in love with your partner, the idea of cheating on them will never cross your mind. But, when what you feel for them is not real love, you’ll have no problem sharing your bed with someone other than your significant other.

7. True love protects you; false love hurts you.

When the person you’re in a relationship with is truly in love with you, they make you feel safe and protected. They’re not afraid to walk through fire to protect you from every evil in the world.

On the other hand, when your partner doesn’t truly love you, what characterizes your relationship is not safety and comfort, but worries and pain.

8. True love equals patience and understanding; false love is far from that.

When your partner loves you genuinely, they are always patient with you. They don’t think you’re “overly sensitive” or “needy” when you get emotional around them. Instead, they try to understand the reason behind your worries or sadness. Additionally, when you two have different opinions about something, they don’t judge you. Instead, they respect and value your opinions.

On the other hand, when your partner doesn’t truly love you, they don’t bother to understand your feelings, ideas, opinions, needs, and problems.

9. True love makes you feel fulfilled; false love makes you feel lonely.

True love makes you happy. It brings joy and a sense of fulfillment into your life. It makes your life more fulfilling and interesting than it is.

On the other hand, fake love drains your energy. It sucks the happiness out of you. It makes you feel lonely. Empty.

10. True love lasts forever; false love dies early.

When your partner is genuinely in love with you, they see you as an essential part of their future. They can’t imagine living without you.

On the other hand, when they’re not truly in love with you, they don’t bother to fight for you nor do they include you in their plans for the future.