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10 Horrible Ways A Toxic Relationship Can Impact Your Life And Scar You Forever


As we go through life, we meet a lot of different people. Some of them kind and loving human beings and some of them manipulative and toxic individuals hidden behind their fake smile.

And somewhere down the line, we fall for them. We fall for their nice gestures, kind words, sweet kisses, and bright smiles. We fall for them thinking that they are the right ones for us. But it is only after we’ve fallen deeply in love with them that we finally see their real face.

Whatever it is that you are going through, just remember. Recognizing that you are in a toxic relationship is the first step towards freedom.

Not being able to see the mess you are in may cost you your life. These are 1o signs that a toxic relationship is destroying your life:

1. Your sense of self is slowly fading away. Your self-esteem is decreasing and as days pass you by, you feel like you have no voice. It almost feels like they are taking away your freedom. You no longer feel powerful enough to stand up for your rights and defend yourself.

2. You are scared about your future. You may have loved this person but now your relationship is making you feel afraid for yourself. It is clear that the whole thing has taken a wrong turn. And you are not sure that you can handle it on your own.


3. You feel isolated from everyone you love. You no longer share the same connection with the people you love. As time passes by, you feel more and more isolated. It is most likely that your partner has already ruined everything for you and did everything they could to take you away from everyone you love.

4. You catch yourself behaving rudely to people who don’t deserve that treatment. You are so full of anxiety and anger that you cannot contain yourself before other people. As a result, you often find yourself lashing out on people for no reason.

5. You are constantly exhausted. You feel like you are losing control over everything. You are not only physically exhausted; you are also mentally drained. There is no energy left in that soul of yours.

6. You don’t want to share your opinion on any subject. Every suggestion you make is often discarded by them. Every opinion you have is usually ignored. So, as a result, you’ve gotten used to staying quiet. This a major red flag that just shows how toxic your surrounding is. You mustn’t ignore it.

7. You begin to question your sanity. After so much time spent with that person, you slowly start to lose your mind. You no longer know whether you are right, or you are wrong. In your mind, you are always the one responsible for every issue. Just remember, that is exactly what they want you to think.

8. You begin to lie to yourself and what’s worse, you are aware of it. You actually convince yourself that things might get better when deep down you know that you must find a way to get out of this relationship.

9. You have no control over your finances. It is not enough that they possess both your body and your soul, but they also possess your material belongings. It’s like you suddenly have no say in anything. They use your source of income to control your life.

10. You look in the mirror, but you cannot recognize the person you’ve become. It’s the final straw. You no longer know who you are. You are trying to get back on your feet, but they keep pushing you down. You feel like you no longer have the strength to fight.

There is a way out of this. It is up to you whether you will search for the exit, or you will stay trapped forever.