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10 Movies with Life Lessons


Movies exist to entertain, but some go further than this. Instead of just scaring you, making you laugh, or give you a romantic tickle, some movies have a deeper purpose below their surface level. There are movies whose actual goal is to teach you something while keeping you entertained. Life lessons in the movies might not be as frequent, but when you find a movie that contains a fierce message, it will sure inspire you in its own way.

Inspiring movies don’t always have a life lesson as their primary goal or the biggest element in the plot. It is the job of the viewer of the movie to grasp the message and learn to it, even if it is subconsciously.

In our list, you’ll find some movies that are explicit about their message and you’ll literally see it from start to finish. Moreover, you’ll find others with a core message that’s deep into the plot of the movie, waiting for you to find it. Whichever it is, the list below is a list of life changing movies you should definitely be watching, also there is one more option like a Putlocker where you can watch movies online free.

1.  The Blind Side

The Blind Side is a story about a wonderful individual who’s ‘found’ by a family that helps him succeed. They choose to take him in despite the doubts and judgment of others. The family takes him in and helps him find himself, shows him how wonderful a family is and that people can be there for him in the good and the bad times.

The idea of this movie is that you should help people regardless of their race or age. It’s a movie that clearly fights against discrimination of all kinds and makes people open their hearts.

2.  Mrs. Doubtfire

This is a much older movie that was aired back in 1993. Still, it’s one with a very powerful message. Some view it as a comedy where people cross dress, but the movie has a much deeper purpose. The purpose is similar to that of our previous choice – a family can be very versatile and take many forms. Regardless, it still is a family and it’s the most powerful connection out there.

3.  The Matrix

You probably did not expect to find this movie in the list, but it’s here for a reason. Keanu Reeves enters a future where the machines take over the mind of humanity by using a VR program. Seeing how long it’s been since this movie first aired, it is incredible how ahead of the time the movie was. Even so, there’s actually a very good story in this movie – one that teaches you to free your mind and keep it open to different possibilities.

4.  Liar Liar

Jim Carrey’s movies might be hilarious, but this one actually has an extremely strong message. This particular movie removes the lying altogether, making it so hilarious and at the same time devastating, that you realize that lies are too big a part of our lives. The message of the movie is to be more open with people and try to eliminate lies as much as possible.

5.  Memento

A man with serious memory problems attempts to solve his wife’s murder. In the final moments of this movie, you can witness a twist that makes you question yourself and the world that surrounds you. This particular movie gives viewers a stronger sense of the world, boosts their self-awareness, and make them think deeper of their behaviors.

6.  Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

If you’ve seen this movie, you know that the main character has gone through a lot and grown up a lot since the start. The movie teaches you to take responsibility and respect yourself. You need to do some changes to make your life better and grow into a great individual. This applies to every sphere of life, starting from personal relationships to work. Students request writing help online when deadlines are tough. Adults delegate their tasks at work to meet a deadline. When something critical appears, you need to take action and find a solution.

7.  The Incredibles

It was about time that we put an animated movie in this list. The Incredibles has a strong message that unites people. Its message lies in the family unit that stands together. Through this superhero story, the author breaks down the themes of trust, isolation, and infidelity, making it one of the best family films people have seen.

8.  Pursuit of Happiness

You can’t just give in to anything that happens and let it determine the outcome. Happiness is something you must pursue and this movie is literally pushing you into that direction. This example is perhaps the most direct example of a movie with a strong, life changing story. The story of a struggling father that invests everything in scanners that quickly became an old technology. When that happens and pulls him backwards, Chris decides to take on a new challenge and takes an internship position as a stockbroker.

9.  The Bucket List

Only by reading the title, you know that this is a very rich and educational movie. It’s a movie about a man who makes a friend and decides to share his bucket list with him. The two men create a bucket list together and test their strength at trying and completing everything on it. It’s an extremely powerful story that teaches you to have no regrets and take action.

10. Zootopia

Zootopia did not receive as much popularity as, let’s say, Frozen. However, it has an amazing message in the story. The non-pixar animated film by Disney is perhaps the first great creation after the unforgettable The Lion King. It teaches people that they can be anything they want to be and fights stereotypes, racism, and discrimination.


Have you watched all of these movies, or at least a few? If you haven’t, it’s an excellent bucket list for you to go through this month. Add these movies to your to-do list and make sure to look for the message within. Each and every one of these choices has a great message to share with the viewers. Movies are there to entertain you, but no one says that they can’t inspire you or provide you with a strong and memorable life message.

If you know of another movie that shares a strong message, make sure to tell us about it. People love movies and being able to learn or get inspired in the process is a big plus.

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