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10 Must-Follow Tips for Writing your Dissertation


Your dissertation is the paper you have to submit at the end of your doctoral studies, so it is a paper of utter importance. As a student who wants to succeed and get a good grade, you surely want to write a powerful and compelling paper that will impress the teacher and your colleagues. However, the pressure you might feel is huge. You haven’t written a dissertation until now, so how are you going to do it? Here are 10 tips that you must follow when you write your dissertation to make sure you create a brilliant one.

 1. Get Help If You Need It

One of the first things you need to keep in mind is that there is no shame in asking professionals for help. Many students get dissertation writing help when they feel defeated by the task, by the amount of research they have to do, or by the extensive analysis they have to make. Either your reason, do not be ashamed to ask for help. Some experts are skilled and knowledgeable and can help you meet educational demands.

2. Make a Schedule

The next thing you could put to practice is to make a schedule. Working on a dissertation is not something that happens during the day but over a few weeks. It is an extensive and complex type of paper and it cannot be finished in one week. So, it is essential to make a schedule and set a time for all your tasks. Even though you have just started to work on it, add the tasks you have to your calendar to get reminders, and do not fall behind in your planning.

3. Select Your Topic

Selecting the topic might be one of the first challenging tasks you have to complete. And it can feel overwhelming and stressful, especially if you do not know what to choose. Well, you could think about a topic you love. If you have a broader theme you should choose your topic within, then this could be a starting point. Aim to choose a topic you love, you have a genuine interest in. A topic that does not bore you but rather captures your attention and fascinates you.

4. Writing

Many students might wait for the perfect moment to start writing their dissertations. But the perfect moment may not arrive very soon, so postponing working on your dissertation is not wise. Even though you might feel your research is not done, you could start writing. This does not mean that you will write your dissertation in a day or that the first draft is the final draft too.

5. The First Draft Is Not the Final One

Students have high expectations from themselves and they want to submit a powerful and compelling dissertation. Putting so much pressure on yourself might motivate you to start working, but it may cloud your judgment at the same time. Keep in mind that the first draft is not the final one. Do not think about how sentences and words sound together, but simply write your dissertation. 

6. Embrace Flexibility

If you have made a plan and a schedule, you will likely follow it. However, in some moments, you might fall behind your set deadlines and not be able to meet them. This is okay, as unexpected events and things can happen to anyone. Make sure to adjust your schedule so that you accomplish your tasks. If you have set your deadlines a little early, you benefit from that buffer time. 

7. Introduction is Last

Many students start working on their dissertations by following the classical structure. Which is not wrong at all. However, many of them stumble upon writing the introduction, as this is the first part of the paper. If you have not written the body, it might feel difficult to write the introduction, so you can write it last. This way, it will be way easier to introduce your topic after you have written the entire paper. 

8. Ask for Feedback

Asking for feedback is something essential every student should do. The earlier you do it, the more time you have to think about and implement the feedback. You can ask your coordinating professor for feedback, but also anyone else whose opinion you trust. 

9. Take Breaks

Writing a dissertation and wanting to do it right comes with many emotions. You want to succeed, so you might put a lot of pressure on yourself. Your brain is not built to focus for 10 hours straight, so it is crucial to take breaks. They will help you relax and unwind and return to your tasks with a more creative and fresh perspective. 

10. Take Care of Yourself

Besides breaks, you should not forget that taking care of yourself is mandatory. You might forget about your sleeping and eating habits as writing and delivering the dissertation is your top priority. However, keep in mind that you cannot do it right if your body and mind do not feel well. So, take care of how and what you eat, drink enough water, and get enough sleep.