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10 Obvious Signs That Show A Guy Has Fallen Hard For You


It’s often said that men are mysterious when it comes to expressing their feelings. But, honestly, I don’t think they are. Men can love as strong as women can. 

Actions speak louder than words sounds like a cliché, but when it comes to guys, this really makes sense. When a guy has fallen hard for you, he’ll act in certain ways. His love for you will shake you to your very core. There will be no mixed feelings on his side and he’ll make sure you know how he feels about you.

Here are 10 clear signs that show that he’s fallen hard for you:

1. He’s not afraid to say “I love you.”

He doesn’t hesitate to say the three magical words to you and when he does that, he really means it. He would never say something like this to you with the intention to use you and leave you after he’s done with you.

2. He talks about you to his friends.

If you think that guys only talk about football, you’re wrong. This guy has fallen hard for you, and now, you’re all that occupies his thoughts. That’s why he can’t stop talking about you to his friends.

3. He spends most of his time with you.

He can be tired or busy, but he’ll always make time for you.  He’ll never make you feel neglected. You’re the most important person in his life and nothing makes him feel happier than when he’s with you.

4. He is happy when you are happy.

When a guy is truly in love with you, he’ll make sure you feel like you’re the happiest person in the world. If he notices that there’s something that upsets you, he’ll go out of his way to fix it. Or when you’re sad, he’ll always know what the right thing to say is so as to comfort and make you smile.

5. He notices every single thing about you.

He notices details about you that other people don’t. He knows all your quirks and habits. He knows how you move the lips when you smile. He knows you cry at sad movies. He knows everything about you because you mean the world to him.

6. He looks at you with adoration.

You’ll know he’s fallen hard for you when you catch him looking at you in the loving and happy way that only people who truly love can look at their loved one. His adoration for you is something that no words can describe.  

7. He is ready to commit to you.

You’ll know he’s madly in love with you when he starts making plans about the two of you for the future. Or when he starts saving money because he wants to move in with you. He can’t wait to see you walking down the aisle towards him.

8. He shows you off to other people.

He’s proud of you and he’ll make sure all his friends and family members know about you. So, if he introduces you to them early in your relationship, you can be sure, you occupy a special place in his heart.

9. He treats you like a lady.

Who said gentlemen don’t exist? That’s exactly how he’ll treat you. His hug will be gentle. His kiss – the softest thing you’ve ever felt. His touch will be delicate and warm. He’ll always be gentle and kind towards you. 

10. He only has eyes for you.

There’s no place for another woman in his heart. He doesn’t flirt with or notice when other women are flirting with him. This guy is madly in love with you and he’ll make sure you know you’re the only one in his life. 

Image: Bel Zamarbide