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10 Obvious Signs That You Are Stuck In A Wrong Relationship


Relationships take a lot of hard work and patience. However, a good healthy relationship can only be made up of two loving and caring individuals. If you ask me, a ‘right relationship’ is a relationship that meets your needs, lifts you up, encourages you, nourishes your heart, inspires you to grow and makes you a better person.

A ‘right relationship’ gives you the courage to be who you are without giving a damn what others have to say about you. It makes you feel strong, invincible and confident.

A ‘wrong relationship’ on the other hand… it can be easily recognized. I know it is hard to accept the truth and acknowledge the fact that the person next to you is not meant for you, but it is something you must do if you want to find happiness. You just have to open your eyes and follow your heart, no matter how hard it feels.

Here are 10 signs that you are stuck in the wrong relationships:

1. Your relationship lacks stability. You are on an emotional rollercoaster. One moment you are up in the sky and everything seems fine and then the next moment you are down in the gutter, trying to save yourself. Your relationship just doesn’t feel as safe as you thought it would feel.

2. You feel like they cannot understand you. You keep talking but it is as though they are not listening. The truth is, they hear what they want to hear.

3. Your needs are nowhere on their priority list. You feel as though you are not a part of the relationship. Every time you need them to be there for you and help you with something, they are nowhere to be found. They only care about their needs.

4. They refuse to take responsibility for their actions and blame you instead. Whatever happens between the two of you, you are the first person who always takes the blame. They always refuse to take personal accountability for their actions.

5. You don’t feel comfortable communicating your personal issues with them. Because deep down you feel that you cannot confide in them. Something about your connection simply doesn’t feel right. You are together but you are not comfortable to be who you are around them.

6. They don’t support you. In fact, it is quite the opposite. They are not interested in anything you do. They do not want to be involved in your life. They say that they do, but the reality is different. As a result, you don’t feel encouraged to do the things that light up a fire inside of you.

7. Your family and close friends don’t have a good opinion about your partner. On top of everything, your family senses that there is something wrong about them. This is a big red flag that you probably are in a wrong relationship.

8. Your relationship does not inspire you. You don’t feel like doing anything with your life. The fact that you don’t know where this relationship is going is only weighing you down.

9. You are not really involved in each other’s lives. You are together, but you don’t really know what is happening in their life. You only know what they decided to share with you. Both of you spend more time with your friends than you spend with each other.

10. Your partner lacks emotional intelligence. They are unable to express their emotions the way you do.