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10 Reasons Why Men Can’t Handle A Deep Woman


The deeper you are, the more difficult it may be for you to find a life-partner. If this is your reality, we give you 10 reasons of why it is hard for some men to deal with a deep woman like you. 

When we say that a person is “deep,” it has almost always a positive connotation. It means that the person can feel intense emotions and delve deep into the things.

However, having a “depth” of character is not a characteristic that most men would look for in a woman. While complexity, intellect, and emotional depth are all admirable traits that men could have, for some men these qualities in a woman can be instant turn-offs.

Below are 10 reasons why most men cannot handle a deep woman:

1.  A Deep Woman Asks Deep Questions

Most men are not prepared to answer questions about what is their purpose in life, or what makes them happy, or scared. These deep questions come naturally to a deep woman, and it is her way of probing the man further and peeling off all the hidden layers in him. However, these questions would scare off immature men and will make them insecure.

2. A Deep Woman Is Honest

This type of woman does not have time to play games. She will always be straight with you about her wants and needs. And, if you mess something up, she will most certainly call you on it. This directness of a deep woman often makes men feel nervous around her because they know she does not tolerate lies.

3. A Deep Woman Always Knows What She Wants

A deep woman is deeply connected with herself and follows her purpose in life. She is true to herself and knows with certainty what she wants in a partner so she won’t settle for less than that. She is quick to remove men who are not meeting up her standards, which makes it hard for some men to measure up to her.

4. A Deep Woman Wants A Deep Relationship

If you are just looking for having fun and fooling around – then a deep woman is not for you. A deep woman is complex and intense and wants a relationship that is complex and intense as well. She brings a true meaning and depth to all her relationships, and this can be too much for some men to handle.  

5.  A Deep Woman Wants True Intimacy

When a deep woman decides she likes you she goes ‘all the way.’ She is not afraid to get closer and share with you her deepest fears and secrets. However, she expects of you to do the same. She wants to know all about you in order to connect with you. A man who is not prepared for this kind of intimacy will run for the hills the first moment he senses her depth.

6. A Deep Woman Sees The Real You

A deep woman will never be in a relationship where she does not know the real person she is in a relationship with. She wants to know your core, what drives you, where you studied, what your hobbies are, how many close friends you have… This curious nature of a deep woman can make men feel vulnerable and uncomfortable.

7.  A Deep Woman Desires Consistency

If there is one thing that a deep woman hates the most – it is a flaky behavior. She wants a man who is true to his word and keeps his promises. Just like she is always honest, she requires for the same quality in men. However, many men are not able to keep promises they even make to themselves let alone to keep a promise to a woman.  

8. A Deep Woman Is Intense

This woman is very passionate in all that she does in life – starting with her career, her hobbies and interests, to all her relationships. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does and is not ashamed to show her intensity to others. However, this quality can be intimidating to some men because many do not like to deal with intense emotions.

9. A Deep Woman Loves Deeply

The word ‘casually’ does not exist in her dictionary. She is not just dating men and seeing what will happen. Open relationships are not something that is natural to her, and she does not understand how that could possibly function. Her nature is deep, so she is looking for a love that is just as deep as her.  

10.  A Deep Woman Won’t Wait For A Man

If she senses that you are hesitating when it comes to your relationship, she will make it easier for you and walk away. She will not way for a man to make up his mind and decide he wants to be with her. So, this kind of woman repels commitment-phobic men instantly and effectively.